Investing In Your Future – How Much It Costs To Live At University

Investing in Your Future - How Much It Costs To Live At University

Once you get admission to a university, you might like to have a cost of living comparison to know whether or not your parents can pay the money; maybe, you will have to do a part-time or night job in order to be able to pay the tuition and to bear other costs. Students need not to worry as we have shared a brief overview to help them out.

What is the average cost of living at university?

To be honest, the average cost depends on a room to rent and other things like food, your hobbies and the type of facilities you want to get.

Monthly student living costs – in-depth

  • Food shop – The average cost of food is $50 to $100 per month depending on the university you are studying in. This is just like you are getting cheap writing services, but cheap should not mean the quality is low; instead, it means the price should be reasonable or low without any compromise on quality.
  • Interests and hobbies – On average, you will have to pay $60 for music, entertainment, gym, and other similar things. By the way, if you are looking to save time for your hobbies or extracurricular activities, then you can get a writing service. Just type in Google or another search engine “write my essay in 2 hours” and you will get instant access to top writing services.
  • Water, gas, and electricity – This will include student accommodation, gas, water and electricity of your room. The average price will be $70 depending on which institution you are studying at.
  • Clothing – For clothing, you would have to pay something from $50 to $100. This will include the laundry services and uniform you might have to wear. It will also include the price of lab coats you might be provided with if you are a science or medical student.
  • Holidays – If you think that you don’t have to pay anything when you go on vacation, you are making a mistake. You will have to pay around $80 for the summer vacations because all student houses charge this much or more from everybody.
  • Phone and internet – In case you want phone and internet facilities, then you should be ready to pay around $60. More information can be found at your university.
  • Personal care – Personal care includes beauty products and accessories you might need while you stay at university. For this type of service, the cost will be around $15.
  • Studying – When you get a cheap writing service, you are always worried about the quality. However, if you have gotten admission to a good university, then you should not go with such companies. Instead, you can access the library and the services of those who are living in the same hostel and are providing writing facilities at reasonable costs. You will have to pay around $20 for studying and assignment purposes.
  • Coffee and tea – Obviously, you will need tea and coffee while at the university. The price you have to pay for this purpose is $20 or less or more.

Ways to cut your costs at university

There are various ways to cut costs at a university. If you cannot avail flats to rent or have a shortage of money, then you must keep in mind the following points.

  • You can access bursaries, scholarships or other support based on your individual circumstances.
  • You can save something by moving to university.
  • You can get a helping hand from family, such as covering your phone bill.

Ways to earn some money

You can also try some ways to earn extra cash. The best options are given below.

  • Freelance work – You can begin your career as a freelance writer, graphic or web designer and app developer, depending on the skills you have and your capabilities. Many students opt for this option to get some extra money without any need of leaving their comfort zones.
  • Working in writing service – You can join a writing service like Essay Kitchen and help other students get good grades. The best part is that you will be able to earn from $100 to $1000 per month easily.
  • Half-time job near you – It is also easy to get part-time or half-time jobs near you. Step out of your university once the classes are over and go to a nearby shop or departmental store to get such a job. You can negotiate the salary with them before starting the job. Maybe, they will pay you on per month or per day basis, or maybe, they will want you to get money on the basis of every hour you spend with them while selling different products, services, and goods to their customers.

In conclusion, it can be said that all these ideas can help you make extra cash so that you can comfortably continue your degree program and don’t have to worry about the costs of living and tuition.