International Student Accommodation – What to Look for When Studying Abroad

International Student Accommodation - What to Look for When Studying Abroad

Increasingly, a growing number of wealthy families around the world, seeking the best educational experience for their children are sending them to colleges and universities abroad. If you are about to be one of those students, you should be at the stage where you are beginning to look for accommodation. Luckily, there are now many student accommodations out there that are affordable and luxurious, meaning being a student shouldn’t mean living in squalor. If you have no idea where to start, here are some essential things you should look for in studentaccommodation.

A Strong Wi-Fi Connection

In this day and age, a strong internet connection is one of the most important things that accommodation should offer. Especially as a student, you want to be able to connect to the internet day or night to get your work done. Between essays, you need the internet to play games and binge watch Netflix with your new flatmates, making this one of the most essential services in any accommodation.

Extra Amenities

As well as having a bedroom, bathroom, and a communal area, what else does the accommodation offer? The more extra amenities for your money, the better. This also means more places to find other like-minded individuals and more places to party with friends. If you are looking for amazing student accommodation, have you thought about living abroad in a city like Barcelona? Collegiate’s brand-new accommodation options boast a private fitness suite, an on-site cinema, a games room, a library with private study rooms, and a luxurious swimming pool with outdoor terraces. You will not find a much better student accommodation than this one, and that is not all it has to offer.

Storage Space

If you are going to be moving away from home, it is nice to be able to take as much as you can, especially if you only want to go back to your parents on holidays. This means you need storage space. Look for an accommodation that has a decent size wardrobe, especially if you are a bit of a clothes hoarder. A good accommodation should have multipurpose furniture, such as a desk with drawers and a bed with storage underneath. If you want to truly make this space home, storage space is a must. 

En-Suite Facilities

Although a shared bathroom seems fine when you are living at home, sharing a bathroom with strangers is a whole other story. If you enjoy your own space and are a bit of a clean freak, a student accommodation with an en-suite bathroom is definitely a must. Check everything in the bathroom is in good working order and that the shower is strong enough for your liking; nobody likes a weak shower. Also, check for other signs of wear and tear such as damp and ask who will be available if something breaks in the middle of the night. 

When looking for student accommodation, also counter in costs as well as location. If travelling would cost as much as moving to an accommodation closer into the centre, it may just be worth your while to live closer.