Inside Vegas’ Most Luxury Resorts

Inside Vegas' Most Luxury Resorts
The Bellagio Fountains are instantly recognizable.

Las Vegas is known for being a city of excess, so it makes perfect sense for there to be some of the world’s most luxury resorts there. Whether guests want to release some tension in a world-class spa, play the night away in an enormous casino, or sit down to enjoy one of the finest meals that money can buy, these resorts can offer it; and all from under one roof. We take a peek into two of the behemoths of the Vegas resort sector, The Bellagio and The Venetian.  Looking through their grand front doors in an attempt to find out what it is that makes this city and the hotels in it, so incredibly luxurious. 

The Bellagio

Opened in 1998 to an first night ceremony reported to have cost more than $88 million, has always known how to draw attention. Since its opening year there have been multiple huge expansions and improvements to the resort, including the enormous Spa Tower which opened in 2004 and features almost 1000 rooms spread out over a more than 100m tall tower. The Bellagio was sold for an eye-watering $4.25 billion to The Blackstone Group back in 2019, but continues to operate under the same management agency to this day, ensuring that guests receive the same standard of treatment that they always have on a visit to the resort. One of the aspects that The Bellagio is most famous for is its stunning casino complex. Many of the top poker players in the world consider the high-stakes poker tables at The Bellagio their home base, or ‘The Office’. The highest stakes table in the casino is located in Bobby’s Room, named after Bobby Baldwin, it’s in this room that pots can range as high as $1 million.

Although a visit to Bobby’s Room should probably only be attempted by poker professionals, playing in the casino can be great fun for anyone. If you’re feeling like you might enjoy a visit to The Bellagio but are a little concerned about how you’ll get on in the casino, then it’s easy to learn how to play all of the games that you’ll find there online. At they have a whole catalogue of slots games that can be played for free, so you can get to understand the mechanics without spending any money. If you find that you get on well learning how slots work, then you can also play a selection of table games. Getting to know the rules of different games before you arrive means that you can feel confident when you walk into the huge casino rooms at The Bellagio.

The Venetian 

The Venetian Las Vegas
The Venetian’s grand canal is truly breathtaking.

We adore a luxury resort, so much so that we recommend you visit to explore the website’s wondrous collection of hotels and resorts from around the world. That being said, there are very few of even the most luxury resorts that are so inspired by a whole city that they replicate somewhere else entirely. The Venetian in Las Vegas was, as the name suggests, inspired by a love of Venice. The resort features a man-made canal that guests can circumnavigate in traditional gondolas, with the help of trained gondoliers. The grand canal is certainly impressive, but even more impressive is the sheer scale of The Venetian. Inside this exclusive resort, you’ll find dozens of top-notch eateries, manned by celebrity chefs from around the globe. As well as that you’ll find a full-scale shopping mall experience and, of course, what luxury resort would be complete without a spa?

The Canyon Ranch Spa is one of the Venetian’s stand out features, having been rated a Four Star experience in the Forbes Travel Guide and being one of the most decorated spas in the whole of the city. Guests can choose from more than one hundred different massage and facial packages, or choose to just soak away their stresses in one of the many heated pools. Sprawling over 134,000-square-feet, the spa offers not just the opportunity for guests to relax, but also for them to work up a sweat. There’s a huge state of the art fitness centre, as well as exercises for the more adventurous, such as a forty-foot climbing wall.