Managing The Change – How To Structure Your Home Remodel Budget

How To Structure Your Home Remodel Budget

Did you know that more than 22 percent of households in the United States did a kitchen remodel or another type of home renovation plan in the year 2020? Getting started with a home renovation plan is an exciting time because you’re making your home your own and styling it the way that you want.

An important consideration to make when it comes to a home remodel is the home remodel budget. Things will add up quickly when you start digging into the home renovation costs you’ll face from fixing up your kitchen or bathrooms. It is important that you get cost estimates and set a strong budget to work with.

If you’re not sure where to start then that is okay. You’ve come to the perfect place to learn more about how to stay within your home remodel budget. Keep reading this article for more.

Focus On the Most Important Areas

If there are areas of your home that bother you more than others then you should focus your energy and your budget on fixing those areas first. It is a bad idea to try to fix everything all at once if it doesn’t all fit within your home remodel budget. Pick out the areas that you want to remodel the most and do those areas right the first time.

Once you’ve focused on those rooms that bother you, you can use what is left from your budget to focus on the areas that aren’t as important to you. This is a sure way to get your home looking the way you’ve always dreamed it would. A good rule of thumb is to start with the kitchen and your home’s main bathroom.

This also gives you the benefit of using luxury items and materials in the main areas that you want to remodel. This means you could get granite countertops for your kitchen while getting a different type of countertop for the vanity in your guest bathroom.

Get Feedback From the Experts

Another good idea when you’re trying to work within a home remodel budget is getting advice from expert contractors in your area about areas where you can save money. It could be using less expensive floor tiles in your bathroom that still look the way you want. You’re paying good money for help from these experts. Don’t be afraid to use them and get the most out of their knowledge.

Finalize Your Designs First

It is always a good idea to have a finalized design in place before you ask a contractor to get started with renovating or remodeling your home. The process of putting together and agreeing on a design is a difficult and exhausting process but it will make life much easier in the future for both you and your contractor.

A good rule of thumb is to find a design that you love and then go through and determine the building materials that you’d like to use. These details could include everything from the type of refrigerator that you want to smaller things like where you want to put electrical outlets.

For the most efficient and easy home remodel process it is always a good idea to get on the same page with your contractor. The best way to do that is by choosing a final design and knowing the building materials that you want to use. Just be sure that those materials fit within your remodel budget.

Determine What You Won’t Compromise On

Any time that you’re working with a budget it is likely that you’ll need to have some give and take in order to make everything work. Since that is the reality of the situation, you need to determine which things you’re not willing to negotiate on. A great idea for getting started is by going on Pinterest or Instagram and looking at designs that other people have chosen for their homes.

This might lead to you wanting things that you can’t completely afford. This isn’t the end of the world. If this sounds like your situation then you should check out a Plenti Renovation Loan. Renovation loans are a great way to ensure that you get the home remodel that you want.

Replace Cabinet Fronts

Cabinets are much more expensive than you’d think and this makes staying within your home remodel budget difficult if you want to replace all of your cabinets. Perhaps your cabinets aren’t perfect for the rest of your kitchen’s remodel designs or you wish that they looked more classy.

One way to stay within budget while still getting those classy cabinets for your kitchen is to replace the fronts of the cabinets rather than all of the cabinets themselves. This is especially smart if the overall condition of your kitchen cabinets is still great. Going with this method for your cabinets will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Get Engineered Wood for Your Floors

Everyone loves the appearance of wood flooring in their home. It is a classy and flexible flooring type that will stand up to high volumes of traffic and still look great. Hardwood flooring also happens to be quite expensive. This means it might not be a good fit if you’re wanting to stay within your home remodel budget.

This is where engineered wood flooring enters the picture. This type of flooring looks just like hardwood flooring because it is wood with a thin layer of hardwood attached to the outside of it. This flooring could be maple, oak, or even cherry wood. They’re also more durable than hardwood flooring and you’ll get them at a much better price.

Get Started With Your Home Remodel Budget

The most important part of getting started with renovating or remodeling your home is staying within your home remodel budget. There are many ways to go about this, like investing in engineered wood flooring rather than hardwood flooring. You should also consider changing the front of your kitchen cabinets rather than getting all-new ones.

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