How To Choose And Wear A Wig To The Gym

How To Choose And Wear A Wig To The Gym

Can’t you imagine your life without exercise and, at the same time, having discovered all the benefits of classy wigs? Then the question, “Can I wear a wig to the gym?” has surely become one of the most topical for you. In fact, modern wigs practically do not restrict you in any way, and you are free to lead the lifestyle you are used to. At the same time, such an accessory requires special care when you are fond of exercise, so let’s talk about choosing, wearing wigs and the rules of caring for them after the workout of different intensities.

Which Wig To Choose For Gym?

For those who try to keep fit and love sports, wigs can cause serious concerns when they think of wearing them to the gym. Someone dreads spoiling the look of the accessory irrevocably, someone is afraid of rubbing and discomfort, and some are horrified by the thought that the wig will slip or fall when they are moving actively.

We are very glad to relieve you of all these fears. If you pick up the wig correctly, you may be sure that sport will not prevent you from looking flawless and the wig will allow you to give your all in training.

Synthetic or Human?

Human hair wigs are very popular among those who have already appreciated all the pros of the accessory. Today, they are the object of desire for thousands of girls, including those who go to the gym regularly. Human hair wigs behave like your own hair, which means that chlorinated water, high temperatures, or sweat will not cause irreparable harm to them. Besides, you can safely comb and untangle natural strands after training without fear of their breakage or damage.

Another nice bonus of a wig made of natural human hair is a low risk of overheating. The strands do not retain additional heat and are more breathable than synthetic ones. The only obstacle to buying such a wig may be a relatively high price, because of which these products are not affordable for everyone.

As for synthetic wigs, you need to be very careful when choosing them for the gym. The fact is that synthetic fibers used for the strands can be damaged or change color and texture due to the influence of all the same factors that we talked about above—such as chlorinated water, sweat, and high temperatures. Synthetic hair loses its shine and gets tangled quickly. At the same time, they have their advantages, and the most important thing is their lightness. You will not feel it on your head when training, and you may not be afraid that it will accidentally slip.

So, can we wear a synthetic wig to the gym? This is possible only if you choose high-quality products from manufacturers with a good reputation. These accessories require very thorough and regular care, so you should think about buying two synthetic wigs. You can take turns wearing them, and while one is in the wash, the second will help create a stylish look even in the gym.

Closure Or Frontal?

Frontal wigs are great when we talk about going to work, going out with friends, a party, or even a date. However, if we are talking about gym classes, they may be hardly considered the best choice. The fact is that fixation along the hairline can cause discomfort, and sweat, which accompanies any workout (if you are really engaged, of course), can damage the fine lace. Moreover, you can’t be sure of your wig even if you use gel or glue to fix it, because sweat reduces its coupling properties, and your hairstyle can slip off at any moment.

As you already understand, it is worth looking at closure wigs. They are more reliable and, at the same time, are easy to take off and put on, so you can feel confident all the way through your training.

Short or Long?

We should say that all this is a matter of taste. Of course, a short wig is more comfortable and rational, and nothing will prevent you from doing the full workout program. However, if you are not ready to exchange your long curls for anything else, you will not need to do this. Just use a hair ribbon, make a braid, a bun, or a ponytail – the last two options look rather sexy, and, at the same time, you will be able to work out with might and main.

How to Make Your Wig More Comfortable and Secure For Exercise

So, you have already decided not to give up the wig while visiting the gym. However, you may be afraid of discomfort or slipping off the wig. All this can prevent you from concentrating and working out at full strength, and only complete confidence in your wig will help you cope with these feelings. We offer you some tips for greater comfort and a sense of security:

  1. Use wig clips or ribbons, or even both at the same time. This point is especially important for those who prefer training with high mobility, including running, yoga, or Zumba. Perfect fixation prevents the wig from slipping and making you feel confused, so you can work to the fullest.
  2. Choose a wig with good breathability. If you are engaged in sports for which a headdress is mandatory, you will need an accessory that does not interfere with heat dissipation.
  3. Adjust the fit of the wig exactly to the size. If it fits your head tightly, you are free from any embarrassment and may work as actively as you are used to it.
  4. Take care of the cap. Usually, you may well ignore the cap, but trust us – it will come in handy when you are in the gym! Bamboo or cotton accessories are breathable and absorb moisture and sweat well. Your wig remains clean and tidy, and you can refresh your cap quickly and easily in the washing machine.
  5. Try a gel band to fix the wig. Many experienced wig wearers recommend this very device. The gel band matches tightly and gently to the wig and scalp, providing a secure fit, and at the same time giving a very pleasant sense of coolness.

Again, we would like to warn you about the use of wig glue in the gym. Although many manufacturers claim that it retains its effectiveness even under intense physical exertion, we advise against trusting such bold statements too much. Upon contact with sweat and water, the glue may dissolve and flow, and your wig will lose its fixation and may get very dirty with a sticky mixture. Also, do not forget that the glue does not let in air, which means that the scalp can “thank” you with a rash and pimples.

Gym Wig Care: Some Helpful Tips For You           

The wig you wear to the gym requires thorough care. However, this does not mean that you will need some special actions or products. Tips for maintaining the perfection of a wig are quite simple, and there are very few of them, so we are sure that you will remember them easily:

  1. Wash your gym wig regularly. The frequency of water treatments for your second hairstyle depends on the regularity and type of your favorite exercises. So, fans of cardio workouts will have to wash the wig several times a week. Yoga and stretching lovers can limit themselves to weekly washing for a natural wig and twice a week for a synthetic one.
  2. Take off the wig immediately after training. Increased heat, sweat, and limited airbreathing contribute to the accelerated proliferation of bacteria that can irritate the scalp and deteriorate your own hair. Give them a break from the wig and let them dry and refresh naturally.
  3. Carefully comb and untangle the wig after each workout. Tangles are not uncommon for those who love active movement and serious loads. Get rid of them immediately, otherwise, you will have to buy a new wig in a couple of months.
  4. Remember that your own hair needs attention too. Be sure to wash your hair after going to the gym, use masks, balms, and other caring products, and take vitamins. In this case, you will create a balance between naturalness and the fashionable images that wigs provide.

As you can see, caring for wigs is not that difficult. The main thing is to choose quality products that will help you look and feel irresistible, even in the gym.