How Robotics Competitions Bring Kids Together

How Robotics Competitions Bring Kids Together

The rapid development of technology over the past 20 years has irreversibly changed all parts of our lives. One area which was highly impacted is the approach to teaching and developing children. 

A new generation of kids is not trying to break out of the house to spend some time with friends. With the covid pandemic, they didn’t even have to leave home to take lessons. Access to educational materials has become almost entirely virtual. Between May 2020 and April 2021, approximately 45.84 percent of children in the United States accessed online software, audio, and video content. Accordingly, most interactions with peers take place online.

To promote live communication and socialization of children, you need to take additional measures and properly organize extracurricular activities that will force them out of online reality. One of the modern solutions to this new problem is robotics courses for children and participation in robotics competitions. Students perform as a team and design and build devices together, which later compete with the creations of others. How does it bring kids together and contributes to their effective interaction?

Become a part of the teamย 

Most projects are done by children together with their peers. Being part of the same team means having a common goal and responsibility to each other. Students take on different team roles that help the group accomplish a shared goal, like programmer, designer, engineer, coder, or a troubleshooter. 

The desire to show your project in the best possible way will require the work of everyone, which is not possible without constant interaction. In this way, the child has the opportunity to learn to be part of a team and build strong connections with others. In addition, kids learn time management, resourcing, emotional control, and how to support and inspire one another.

Collaboration and connection

Competitions and challenges which children face there involve finding solutions together, sharing knowledge, and discussing ideas. All this is not possible without the ability to cooperate and communicate effectively with each other. Competitions provide an opportunity not only to improve their skills in robotics but also to gain invaluable experience working with other people.

Common obstacles and their skillful overcoming often become the basis for strong friendships not only with peers but also with like-minded people. Participating in an international robotics competition allows students to make worldwide connections. This way, children can learn how to work with students from different cultures and backgrounds, which may be a future part of their work environment.

How to choose the right educational platform?

Since the main clients of any course are children, not their parents, they should be interested in the first place. Most organizations describe in detail their sites’ features and services, and the user-friendly interface indicates cooperation with some digital specialists. 

Usually, this means the UX/UI design services are provided by a software development company MLSDev, specializing in practical design and software development.

Itโ€™s a great sign of a responsible company for parents and children to consider while choosing a robotics educational platform.