How Luxury Hotels Are Keeping Guests Safe In 2022

How Luxury Hotels Are Keeping Guests Safe In 2022

Traveling in 2022 is becoming a lot more common for individuals and families, compared to the past two years. Restrictions around the world are easing, and everyone feels more confident about exploring other cities and countries.

Keep in mind that you will have to take a fit to fly COVID test if you are considering a journey abroad. There is still a testing requirement on international flights departing and entering the United States, with no indication of when the rule may change.

Aside from testing, there are other factors you may consider when booking your upcoming vacation destinations. You may have concerns about the health and safety standards at various hotels and casinos.

Below is a rundown of how luxury hotels and resorts in the U.S. and other countries are keeping people safe in 2022.

Curbside Check-In

Many luxury hotels around the world have created a new check-in procedure, called curbside check-in. Rather than going inside to the hotel lobby, and to the front desk, there is the option to check-in with an alternative desk outside the hotel.

Such a strategy allows everyone to remain outside during the check-in process, where fresh air is constantly circulating. Your family can stay safe as you provide your credit card details and receive the room key. Guests then have the option of taking their baggage themselves or having a porter ride a separate elevator with their belongings.

Any guest who has no concerns about checking in indoors can go about the process normally, as most luxury hotels still have a staffed front desk for new arrivals and guests.

Digital Wristbands

Another unique feature that you may see at a hotel or resort in 2022 is the digital wristband. Hotels have come up with a new concept, where guests are given a wristband that can electronically open their respective rooms.

Such wristbands are great because they are contactless. All a guest must do is hold their wrist close to the door, and it unlocks. The same is true for any locked items within the room that previously required swiping the room key.

Some hotels have gone a step further, allowing for contactless payment for anything purchased at the hotel throughout the stay using the same wristband. Every item is put on the guest’s tab, which they can pay at check-out.

Private or Socially Distanced Dining

If you are planning a trip to a very fancy hotel or resort in 2022, you may be delighted to hear that dining options are even more intimate. Many hotels have come up with ways to create socially distanced dining areas, by spreading out tables and increasing the space used by the restaurant within the hotel.

Some resorts even have private areas where couples or groups of guests can enjoy meals in total comfort. Not only are such areas socially distanced from other guests, but they allow for intimacy and close connections.

Anyone who may be planning their honeymoon, or a much-needed vacation with a partner or spouse, should be looking for hotels that offer private dining. The experience is one that every person should have at least one or two times in life, as you can order the best dishes a hotel has to offer and have them served to you in total privacy.

Quarantine Credits

There is no denying that COVID-19 is still playing a role in travel in 2022. Even though restrictions in most nations are very limited or entirely removed, some countries do still have quarantine policies.

Such rules mean that if a person tests positive during their stay, they may not be able to board a departing flight until they test negative. That can create a serious issue for travelers, especially if they only budgeted to stay a set number of days.Many hotels and resorts are offering free or severely discounted stays for any extra quarantine days, while they also provide credits to guests that are usable at the hotel for meals and other amenities.

Travel With Confidence

There is no need to fear traveling in 2022. Even though the idea of getting on a plane with strangers is confusing at this time, passengers should know that airlines are doing a great job with ventilation to keep everyone safe.

When you arrive at the hotel or resort in your destination city, you can have even greater peace of mind. Hotels are putting in a lot of work to keep their guests safe, including improved ventilation, thorough and frequent room cleanings, common area cleanings, and mask requirements for staff (depending on the region).

As you look for the best deals on hotels and flights, you can go ahead and finalize your vacation having the confidence that your family can enjoy the trip and return safely.