How Ethical Hacking Impacts Our Society

How Ethical Hacking Impacts Our Society

Ethical hacking needs no introduction. It is one of the hottest professions in the digital world right now. CEH course (Certified Ethical Hacker) is one of the most popular certifications, not just in the cybersecurity world, but also in the overall Information technology space. Ethical hackers are those who ethically and lawfully hack into a system with the aim of identifying security threats. Also known as white hat hackers, these experts think like criminal hackers and try to breach into a target system with their permission. This allows the concerned organisation to gain knowledge of all its security loopholes in advance and fix them before a malicious hacker lays an evil eye on them. It is true that ethical hackers make the digital world a better and safer place. This article will shed light on the ways in which ethical hackers impact society positively.

Making technologies more secure and viable

New technologies are not devoid of loopholes and bugs. Without ethical hackers’ efforts, these technologies will not be viable and safe to use by the masses. Take the case of the Ring Video Doorbell by Amazon. Last year, various users of this Amazon product experienced cases of hackers spying on them and their families through the video doorbell. Many such technologies that exist in the market are riddled with bugs that lead to certain hesitation during purchase among the customers. Thus, without a doubt, ethical hackers play an important role in making new software, hardware and applications secure, more reliable and widely accepted in the public.

Making businesses more secure and productive

Business is the lifeline of any economy. From Fortune 500 companies to your local startups, every business aims to be more productive and successful. A lot of these businesses use technologies like cloud computing and other software to perform basic operations related to analytics, marketing, finance, etc. When any of these software programs get hacked, all the businesses (i.e. users) are put at grave risk. Not just that, many companies also face cyber threats owing to poor password practices, poor network defence, and other reasons. Without ethical hackers, companies will remain at the constant risk of cyber attacks and will not be able to produce and operate optimally. 

Keeping confidential information the way it is supposed to be

Data is valuable and expensive, especially when it is confidential. Sensitive data like military intelligence and personally identifiable information (PII) remain at the highest risk of hacking. There have been many cases of confidential data hacks, state-sponsored cyber espionage, and such incidents where criminal hackers have threatened the fabric of society by leaking or stealing intensely sensitive information. Ethical hackers use their skills to make such databases and organisations watertight in terms of digital security to ensure the privacy of such data. 

Helping individuals lead a secure and convenient life

Last but not the least, ethical hackers impact each and every one of our lives indirectly. We all use several gadgets and apps to make our life more convenient. By making these gadgets secure, ethical hackers are keeping our lives safe as well. For example, Alexa, Google Home, and many other voice assistance devices are installed in millions of people’s homes. It is because of these professionals and their ethical hacking training that all of us can sleep at night without the fear of someone spying on us.

In a nutshell, ethical hackers are a boon to society and they impact everyone living in the Information Age in a positive way. If ethical hacking is the antidote to criminal hacking, then ethical hackers are our protectors from the perils of the cyber world.