How Does Ej Dalius Suggest Small Business Firms Manage Their Marketing Strategy During The Pandemic?

How to Manage Marketing During the Pandemic

Do you own a small business firm? If yes, then COVID-19 has created havoc in your business. Based on a recent SHRM study, approximately 62% of small business firms have reported a revenue loss since the pandemic outbreak. And it would be best if you managed these cash flow changes. For this, you have to make changes to your marketing strategies.

Eric J Dalius on marketing during a pandemic 

So far, the COVID-19 outbreak has altered the lives of businesses and customers. Eric J Dalius says that as everyone is gradually settling into the “new normal” patterns, small business firms are discovering new ways to market their business to consumers. If you want to reshape your marketing strategy to combat the pandemic’s adverse effects, you can use the following tactics:  

1. “Add creativity to your marketing strategy,” says Eric Dalius

It is not the time for small business firms to count on conventional and old marketing hacks! Right now, it’s time to add creativity and come up with new marketing methods. Think about the USP of your services and products and use it to create a marketing strategy. It will help you to steer clear of the competition and stand out. It might also help you to gain a few customers as well. You can think about the unique product or service offerings that you can make and design your product packages accordingly.

2. Develop Virtual Bonds

Creating and strengthening business bonds online takes time! However, currently, you need to bank on this to enhance your marketing strategy. According to Eric Dalius, to do this, you need to think from the customerโ€™s perspective. Ask yourself all you want to see in a brand from a customer’s point of view. And you can share these insights to better your business marketing communications.

Make sure that you always engage in honest and open communications. Do you lack a regular communication flow with your audience? If yes, you need to develop that during this phase, and it will yield beneficial results in the days to come. Make sure that you engage in empathetic and thoughtful communications.

3. Get Social

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, social media was a potent medium for business promotion and communication. And the same continues now, despite the virus contaminations and COVID-19 case increase. If you want to market your small business firm currently, you need to take the marketing strategies to a social level. According to Ej Dalius, if you wish to promote your business on social media, you can refer to the following tactics: 

  • Join and start conversations. 
  • Share interesting social media posts frequently. 
  • Make use of paid advertisements and sponsored posts. 
  • Make your customers stay in the loop with all your business updates.
  • Create online contests and polls. 
  • Promote limited or special product offers.

Social media is a useful way to generate a buzz about your business. It is also cost-effective and has an excellent reach. The pandemic is here to stay for a while before there is a cure, or the curve flattens down. You can use the tactics mentioned above for marketing your small business and experience benefits.


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