Enjoying A Late Night Party With Your Favorite Drink

Enjoying A Late Night Party With Your Favorite Drink

Drinks taste better when you share them with friends, we don’t know why, but it’s true. So, if you’re looking to try out some new drinks, then when is a better time than when you are hosting a party?

Beers and wine are all well and good to serve at a party, but why settle for something so basic when you could push the boat out and make the night truly unforgettable. 

If you want to take your party to the next level, why not teach your guests how to make their own drinks and cocktails? Trust us, learning something new together with your friends is so much fun. 

In this article, we are going to tell you about seven amazing drinks that you should be serving at your next party. We think you’re going to find your new favorite drink on this list. 

1. Pornstar Martinis 

Passionfruit. Vodka. Vanilla. Those are the three basic ingredients of a passionfruit martini. This drink comes out a vivid orange color and can be served in a martini glass with half a passion fruit floating on top. 

Most of us have had a Passionfruit Martini before, and they’re great – but you can make them better. How? By making them into a Pornstar Martini – by serving them with a shot of gold leaf-filled Prosecco. 

These look incredible when you bring them out on a serving tray, and no one is going to be upset when you hand them a cocktail and sparkling wine. 

2. Tequila (with salt and lime) 

We’re not saying that you have to serve Tequila body shots at your party (but if that’s the kind of show you are running, we’re not judging you), but Tequila is the perfect party drink. 

So, break out your best tequila sipping glasses, roll the rims in salt (or sugar if that’s more your style), and prepare a plate of lime slices. This is the perfect setup to really get the party started. It needs no extra bells or whistles. It speaks for itself. Also, visit Kinnitty Castle Spirits for their finest ingredients by master distillers; their spirits have a great story and an even better taste!

3. Kombucha Punch with Pomegranate and Rhubarb 

Kombucha isn’t just for health kicks. If you have a few friends that like tart cocktails, then this is the perfect punch to make them – it’s fizzy, it’s sweet, it’s sour, and did we mention that it’s good for you?! 

Both pomegranate and rhubarb are really good for the skin, so you can pitch your punch as a wellness tonic as well as have a good time. 

This is something we love to serve up in a large bowl at our parties, and we make some rose petal ice cubes to keep it cool. 

4. Botanic Rose Spritz 

We all know that Rose is one of the best drinks for parties – it’s sweet, it’s not too heavy on the tongue, and it’s hard to drink too much. However, it’s not very sophisticated. Many people we know have been drinking it since high school. 

So, this is the perfect drink to bring a little sophistication and class to the evening. You are going to need rosemary, mint, rose lemonade, and Rose wine (still or sparkling, your choice). As well as, a lot of ice. 

5. Cucumber Gin and Tonic 

This is one of our favorite drinks to serve, and it takes so little time and effort. 

First, you will want to open your tonic the night before and add a healthy amount of cucumber slices to the bottle. Leave the cucumber to infuse overnight. 

Then the next day, you want to cut up some thin ribbons of cucumber and place them in your glasses, add a good amount of ice and pour over your shots of gin. Allow the gin to cool, and then add your cucumber-infused tonic water. 

6. Cherry and Blueberry Prosecco Punch 

If you like the sound of the infusion above, then we also think you are going to love this drink. Allow some fresh cherries and blueberries to infuse in a pint of water overnight. Then pour a bottle of Prosecco, the berry infusion, and half a cup of cranberry juice into your punch bowl. 

This will be a big hit with your guests. 

7. Whiskey on ice 

Our final suggestion is to end the night with something simple. A nice whiskey on ice for everyone still at the party. 

When the whiskey is nice enough, it does not need to be served with anything else. It needs no extra bells or whistles. It speaks for itself.