Can You Sue Your Employer If You Get A Burn Injury At Work?

Can You Sue Your Employer If You Get A Burn Injury At Work?

Negligence Requires a Seasoned Negligent Attorney

Please know that there are many different branches of the law that require the services of a specific attorney. You would never hire an attorney with real estate or family law expertise for workplace burn injuries. When you are injured in a workplace accident because someone else was negligent, you need the expertise of a negligent accident, injury, death attorney to fight for your victims’ rights. The types of injuries you could incur at work are as vast and varied as the attorneys who represent these cases. Suffering burns in a workplace accident is one of the most unfortunate accidents for any employee.

If you suffer a burn injury at work, this injury creates unexpected costs that you usually would not have, such as, but not limited to,

  • Mounting medical debt
  • Loss of wages
  • Possible loss of your job
  • Inability to pay your mortgage or car payment, and the essentials to live

It would be best if you had the expertise of lawyers who address cases of negligent accidents, injuries, and death that happen in the workplace.

Accidents of any type rarely happen if not for the negligent actions by you or another person, company, or product in the equation. Accidents do not happen unless there is negligence. It is vital to seek counsel from a negligent accident, injury, death attorney to help you fight for your victim’s rights. Negligent accidents such as workplace burn injuries create a wealth of new medical bills and unexpected debt for the victim, all due to someone else’s negligent actions. 

It would be best to have this specialized attorney by your side because the burden of proof of negligence by another entity lies on your shoulders. You and your attorney must work together to prove you were a victim of a negligent workplace accident. Definitive proof assures you will receive a fair settlement to compensate you for all your costs and losses. While you have a right to file for workers’ compensation for an on-the-job burn injury, the chances of filing a lawsuit against the person for additional compensation may be in question and present a complicated process, as explained later. 

Never navigate the judicial system without your attorney’s expertise guiding and directing your path forward. The negligent person or company has attorneys working with them to prove you were not the victim, but you caused your accident. These cases are complex, confusing, and complicated. You cannot fight this battle without expert and seasoned legal representation.

  • These specialist attorneys know how to answer all questions from the defendant’s lawyers. 
  • This attorney knows all the insurance companies’ tricks, so they do not have to pay you any more compensation than possible. 

If you decide to represent yourself, you could end up getting no money to help you pay for all unexpected costs related to your accident. It is a written and understood law by all states that all employers must pay for worker’s compensation insurance coverage if you become injured on the job. Despite employers carrying this form of insurance as required by law, employers and their insurance companies never want to pay you any more compensation than possible if you become injured on the job. 

Employers work through your compensation claim with the expertise of their attorneys to make sure you do not receive any more compensation than necessary. Even though workers’ compensation pays an extensive list of costs incurred by your workplace accident, many employers work hard to make sure your compensation claim is short-lived. Another point is that, depending on the severity of your burn injuries, your compensation claim may not pay you enough nor long enough to help cover all your losses.

When Your Work-Related Burn Injuries Have Long-Term Effects

You and your attorney must work through and investigate the vast web of legal liabilities of any workplace accident. The circumstances of your compensation claim depend on the following. 

  • We must obtain a detailed investigation of your accident.
  • We must prove without a doubt who was at fault for your workplace accident? 
  • We find out if you must share any fault with the defendant for your workplace accident. 
  • What actions has your employer put into place to reduce future harm to other employees?

Did you receive severe burn injuries while performing your job at your company base? 

Did your job call you away from your job base and you sustained injuries while doing your job at a third-party location? 

Work-related burns set you on a different compensation path. Some circumstances involving burn injuries cause more complications in your case. It is your attorneys’ responsibility, with your help, to work through all of the particulars of your unique case to realize your best settlement outcome.

While all work accidents are serious, burn injuries are more severe than other workplace injuries. Burn injuries are immediate, and they are likely to cause a more extended recovery period. Burn injuries cause many different levels of damage and can turn your world upside down and change your life forever. 

  • Burn injuries cause you a higher and more extended level of pain and suffering. 
  • Burn injuries require you to get immediate medical attention.
  • In some cases, burn injuries may require months to years of medical care. 
  • If you are a burn victim, you must cope with a more difficult recovery and rehabilitation. You may have to cope with possible permanent scarring.
  • In addition to pain and suffering, you must deal with mental and emotional difficulties. 
  • Burns cause your quality of life to decrease because burns tend to interfere with your ability to function and perform minimal activities in daily living. 
  • You may never return to life as you once enjoyed.
  • Did your burn injuries take away your ability to earn a living?
  • Severe burn injuries can cause you to become disabled.

Workers’ Compensation vs. Lawsuit Claim

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is more accessible to obtain versus filing a lawsuit for negligent actions. Workers’ compensation targets necessary medical assistance. Workers’ compensation must identify and document the injury to ensure you are given all necessary medical assistance. This type of insurance focuses on injury recovery and ensures you receive all necessary medical assistance. However, it takes your attorney’s expertise to see the process through to its end and make sure you are treated fairly. 

This insurance, provided and paid for by your employer, helps pay for your unexpected injury costs. Workers’ compensation is a legal recovery plan that pays you for medical costs and loss of wages in financial payments for the present and the future. The problem is that funds from workers’ compensation are never enough to cover all costs.

The following are the things that you could get your workers’ compensation claim to pay.

  • Partial payment for missed work
  • Medical care
  • Ordered rehabilitation

Legal Lawsuit Recovery

This type of financial help goes beyond what workers’ compensation pays. The following are the things that a legal lawsuit pays. 

  • Pain and suffering
  • Harmed relationships
  • Medical costs not covered under workers’ compensation
  • Rehabilitation care
  • In-home nursing care
  • Subsidizes income for loss of wages

When filing a burn lawsuit, you are the one who is burdened with the proof that you were injured while doing your job. You must prove that a negligent person or company caused you to become injured while doing your job. You must prove that the other person intentionally caused your burns. A legal lawsuit brought against a negligent person or company must prove the following. Thus, appointing blame in most of these lawsuit cases for workplace burn injuries can be challenging.  

  • You and your attorney must prove that the accused person breached your assured level of safety.
  • A legal obligation for an employer is to assure other employees do not suffer from the same accident in the future and become burned on the job. 
  • The defendant failed in this responsibility.
  • You must prove that you suffered damage, which must be measured in a dollar amount. Your attorney calculates a money amount. 

If you are sueing a company for defective products that caused burns, you must file a defective product form. This injury can happen at work while you are using a specific product. In these cases, you must prove,

  • The design of the product was faulty.
  • The product did not perform as intended and caused your burns.
  • The manufacturer did not post warnings or instructions that the product could cause burn injuries.

Workplace burns have multiple causes and deeper levels. Burns can damage the first skin layer to more severe damage involving the muscles and nerves. The most common burns received in the workplace involve carelessness or negligence, electrical issues, and arson. Some of the more common burns received in the workplace are as follows.

  • Chemical burns damage the skin
  • Chemical mists damage the eyes
  • Electricity burns
  • Hot surface burns
  • Inhalation burns damage to your lungs
  • Hot gases affect the lungs
  • Friction burns
  • Steam burns
  • Workplace fires

You require the services of an attorney because your burns do not fully guarantee that the success of your negligent lawsuit will be limited. Negligent actions by other employees or employers cover vast types of conditions that pose and increase workplace injuries. Workplace burns happen when,

  • Adequate safety protocols are lacking in the company.
  • Employees do not follow the correct protocols to avoid burn injuries.
  • Hot areas in the workplace, such as coffee pots and harmful electrical wiring, are neglected in care and maintenance. 

You and your attorney must investigate the cause of your burn injuries, which starts to create reasonable grounds for your lawsuit. Your workers’ compensation, along with accrued vacation and sick leave pay, is a benefit for you that your employer provides. Although workers’ compensation allows for paid leave, it does not entirely help you financially long-term. 

Goals of a Lawsuit for Workplace Burn Injuries

The bottom line for filing a lawsuit for a workplace burn accident must have the right factors. If you received a workplace burn injury, this does not always mean you can sue another person or company for those injuries. 

Only in rare cases can you, as an employee, sue your employer for negligence. There must be a responsible third party who caused your burns. However, you can file a workers’ compensation claim to pay for unexpected costs associated with your injuries. Your attorney oversees this process.

The following are examples of third-party involvement causing your workplace burns.

  • Your job takes you to another company location, and while you are doing your job, you receive a burn injury. You must prove that the third-party employee or company caused your injuries. 
  • You are a subcontractor working under another subcontractor or contractor, and you received burns on the job. You must prove that these individuals are at fault.
  • Many employees drive company cars for their work. You are driving, and another car causes an accident that sets your car afire, and you receive burns. 
  • Defective electrical tools or machinery cause burns on the job.
  • You are working with specific machinery or tools recently repaired. A defect occurs again and causes burn injuries on the job. 
  • Your employer does not correctly maintain tools, equipment, machinery, and defects, causing your on-the-job burns.

You and your attorney must prove negligence or intentional, negligent actions by a person or company who caused your burns. We must prove that someone breached their duty to keep you safe in the workplace while doing your job. Every workplace accident has different scenarios and levels of burn injuries and lengths of healing times. 

Due to COVID rules over the last few years, many more employees work from home. Burn injuries that happen while working at home may be a fine-gray line regarding whether you can file for workers’ compensation or a lawsuit. However, you never know the outcome of your claim until you file for workers’ compensation. 

It is the responsibility of all employers to provide a safe workplace for you and your coworkers. We must prove that your employer broke their duty to keep you safe, and you received a burn injury. If we can prove this, you have an excellent chance of winning your burn lawsuit settlement. 

We accomplish this by investigating your extent of injuries and reviewing your medical records and documentation related to your injuries. We can calculate your present and future rehabilitation and healing process costs. As your burn injury attorney, we can recoup an extensive list of costs related to your burn healing process.

Why Should You Allow a Negligent Person or Company Not to Pay You Compensation?

If you or a loved one is severely burned while on the job and these injuries are due to the actions of a negligent person, persons, company, product, or manufacturer, why would you not file workers’ compensation or file a lawsuit against the defendant (s) if you have a winning compensation case?

Never let a guilty party walk away without paying for their negligent actions. This person turned your world upside down and perhaps changed your life forever. Perhaps you will never work again if your burns are severe. You must take definite steps if you receive burn injuries at work. 

  • Immediately following your burn injuries, you must let your employer know what happened. When you hire an attorney whose expertise is negligent accidents and injury, this attorney makes sure that your employer will not mismanage your compensation claim. We see this frequently happen. 
  • You count on this guaranteed income from workers’ compensation to help bring in an income and pay unexpected costs. However, if your employer does not follow through as they should, it could cost you even more. When an employer mishandles a compensation claim for your injuries, you may legally sue your employer. Never let an employer mishandle your claim.
  • Call 9-1-1, request medical assistance and never turn down medical help or a doctor’s examination. Letting your employer know about your injuries starts the process for workers’ compensation. If you cannot work due to burn injuries, you need this compensation to help replace your loss of income. You have two years from the date of your injuries to file a possible lawsuit that goes beyond what workers’ compensation pays.
  • Never let your words make your employer believe that your accident was your fault. Never say you are sorry for the accident. Never say you could have prevented your accident. 
  • Call your negligent accident, injury, death attorney immediately. We need to start our investigation immediately. We need facts about your accident. We will find out why and how your burn injuries happened.
  • If you cannot get the following, assign someone to do this for you, such as document everything that happened while it is fresh in your mind, take pictures, and get witness names and contact numbers.
  • Carefully follow your doctor’s instructions to hopefully avoid increased pain, suffering, and secondary burn infections. 
  • Explore alternative options to get the needed compensation to pay for all unexpected costs due to someone’s negligent actions. 

Call An Expert Immediately After You Receive Workplace Burn Injuries

Never allowย aย burn injury at workย to cause you to feel guilty. The outcomes of these cases are generally successful when you have a seasoned, experienced, and skilled negligent accident, injury, death attorney by your side.ย 

You can get legal help after sustaining a burn injury while at work. We await your call for help in receiving a settlement amount that takes off after your workers’ compensation ends or does not pay you enough money to take care of all your costs. 

Our seasoned, licensed attorneys, specializing in negligent workplace accidents, are eager to hear about the burn injuries you received while you were on the job. We can guide and direct you when filing workers’ compensation and beyond by filing a settlement lawsuit. In most cases, workers’ compensation is never enough to cover all your costs.