Best Casino Designs – What Casinos Look Like in 2021

Best Casino Designs - What Casinos Look Like in 2021

Casinos are exciting places and when you visit one you expect glitz and glamour. Land-based casinos don’t try to be cheap on their designs so they can attract new punters. In the world of online casinos, the competition is even more fierce. With great website designs and offering interesting games casinos can compete with each other. 

In this article, we are discussing casino designs with the help of Hungarian iGaming expert Szilvia Sultes. Szilvia knows the online casino business inside and out and you can read more about her work here

Brick and mortar casinos

In casino heavens like Las Vegas or Macau casinos compete with each other by their exterior and interior designs. As many people take gambling holidays and need a hotel to stay at they will make the decision of where to stay first and once they have checked into their rooms they are most likely to stay in their hotel’s casino. We have seen incredible designs in Vegas. The Luxor casino looks like an Egyptian pyramid, the Venetian transports you to the canals of Venice, Italy and the Excalibur is like being in wonderland. 

The newest design in land-based casino architecture is the so-called playground design. It means lots of open spaces and a lot of natural light. This is in contrast with the usual dark, maze-like casino interior design that used to be set to confuse players and make them forget about the time while playing. Casinos 2021 place slot machines all over the casino floor and some of these places are quite hidden, giving players some privacy. 

Online casino designs

Online casinos give the first impression when the player enters the landing page. The page has to look professional and it has to load fast. The structure of the first page should be easy to understand and the players should be able to easily navigate through the different games. 

There are dozens of online casinos that accept players from Hungary. If you don’t want to share your banking information with the site you can select a paysafecard casino from this list and make your deposit with these virtual or physical cards. 

Designs for different genders

Some casinos aim at men while others aim at women. Those that are designed for men use a lot of dark colours, simpler designs and action-packed themes. On the other hand, websites that are aimed at women often use feminine colours and themes like fashion. 

The design of the page can be for particular interests as well. Casinos that emphasize their betting section often use green colour as this is in general associated with sports. Other sites use fictional characters or offer the option to make avatars to please audiences who like gamification. 

Casino graphics

The graphics of the landing page give an indication of how professional the website is. Best casino designs are created by professional people and as soon as you enter the page you are transported in another world. Casino games nowadays are on par with video games. Quality casinos will feature games from the best game providers such as NetEnt or Microgaming. 

3D graphics are becoming mainstream with video slots as people are looking for an immersive gaming experience when they visit a casino. Virtual reality is already available in a few casinos, that is if you own a VR headset. Using VR in online casinos brings players an experience that is almost exactly like being in a physical casino. 

Live dealer games

Playing live dealer games has become very popular in Hungary in recent years. When you participate in a live dealer game you will have a real-time video connection with a remote casino room and you will be looking at a live person dealing the cards or spinning the roulette wheel. You can play baccarat or roulette alongside other players or you can play poker against the dealer. Live dealer games also give the opportunity to be social as you can communicate with the other players via text. 


What casinos look like will determine if they become popular or not, be it a brick-and-mortar casino or an online one. The aim is to keep the designs interesting, easy to understand and up to date with the latest technologies.


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