Benefits and Challenges of Changing a Slots Wager

Benefits and Challenges of Changing a Slots Wager

Online slots are prominent within the gambling community. They’re so popular that even with the pandemic, the gross yield from online slots reached £202.9 million, with 3.3 million players. With this many participants, several brand new casinos have come out to cater to the growing audience.

Despite the belief that slots are purely games of luck, other factors are actually critical when playing. One of them concerns your wager and the decision to stick with your original bet or change it. But how will you know when to change it? In this article, we’ll weigh the perks and risks of sticking to or changing your slots wager.

What Does It Mean to Change a Slots Wager?

Online slots work by users placing their bets and waiting for the reels to have matching symbols. These symbols have varying worth, and the amount a user wins will depend on them. For example, if you bet $2 on a 3-reel slot game and get three matching heart symbols worth 2x, then you’ll win $2 x 2, or $4.

Changing your wager can either get you a considerable amount or lose a great deal. If you changed your bet to $200 and got the same symbols in the previous example, you would’ve won (2x $200) $400. On the other hand, if the symbols didn’t match, you’d end up $200 poorer.

Changing bets is up to the player and will depend on many factors, such as their budget and gut feeling. To further understand the implications of changing bets, here are the pros and cons:

Advantages of Changing an Online Slots Wager

Changing your bets opens opportunities to get higher rewards, lessen losses, and hone your skills. Some of the benefits of altering bets are:

1. You Can Play Safely

If you think you’ve been having bad luck and end up with a losing streak, lowering your wager will help you lose less. You can re-adjust your stake once you feel better or notice that your luck is turning.

2. You’ll Develop A Slot Wager Strategy

Winning all the time is impossible in online slots. At the same time, losing every time is also very unlikely. As you observe the reels, you can only rely on your intuition to know when to bet high or low, as there are no set patterns in the world of random numbers you can look for.

3. You’ll Stay Within Budget

Casual players usually don’t have a fixed budget and just base how much they bet on the size of their bankroll. This is a mistake that’ll only leave them with losses. Having a fixed budget will help limit losses and keep gamblers’ disciplined to avoid mistakes and consequences that may affect their future.

Disadvantages of Changing an Online Slots Wager

Just like any other game strategy, changing your bets can also be a disadvantage: there’s a possibility that you’ll end up with more losses. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. You Can Be Emotional and Make Irrational Decisions

Suppose you have a winning streak, but you choose to play with small bets. Changing your wager to something higher is logical, but the high of winning might get the best of you. You might expect to win again and put your entire winnings at stake – and then end up losing. Remember that online slots are randomly generated, and winning streaks can end at any time. You shouldn’t let your emotions play the game for you.

2. You May Get Confused and Lose Focus

Changing your slots wager without following a strategy may leave you confused, chipping away at your chance of winning. Consistency is better than spontaneous changing to maybe turn your luck around. Gambling should be fun, but don’t lose focus on your goal unless you want to end up losing money. Only change your wager when you’re sure you need to, not just because you want variety.


Placing a bet is always volatile. You’ll either win or lose, but smart gambling with your maximum and minimum limits is a good risk management practice. Play and have fun – and avoid ending up broke by placing smart bets.