Are You Thinking Of Hiring Professional Light Installers For Christmas?

Christmas lights can change the vibe of the air. We go a long way in planning and preparing the decorations to celebrate this time of the year. Many of us might have already contacted a professional Christmas light decorator, and many are thinking of doing so. This article is for those who belong to the latter group of people. Be it for commercial or personal use; there are certain things you have to have an idea about before you finally decide to hire someone to do the job. 

Things to consider

Ask your friend or neighbor who has already hired professional light installers in the past for recommendations. Secondly, check whether they have liability insurance for the workers. Experience in the field is always welcomed. So try not to choose a newcomer for the job. Lastly, whoever you decide to approach, ask for the snaps of the decoration they completed last year. That would give you an idea of whether they would be able to understand your requirements. This will also help you to figure out what kind of decoration design you are looking for if you havenโ€™t pictured it already.

How their service works

Hang Ten in Pasadena, Californiaย is one such professional light installer who has gained accolades in their job. There are others as well. Any such company follows a distinct process to serve the customers well. The common procedures practiced are:

  • Free design consultation: All of these companies are sure to have never-ending Christmas light decoration ideas and designs up their sleeves to cater to the various kinds of needs of the customers. For that, they allow a free design consultation service where they can showcase their designs and that, in turn, will help you to decide how you want your home or commercial space to dazzle like during the holidays.
  • Installation by trained staff: These companies train their staff about the installation process throughout the year. The crew also possesses a proper license and liability insurance. They are well-equipped with the essential tools, knowledge, and experience. Depending on the scale of work they engage the crew members.  
  • Maintenance: To make your festival time hazard-free, these companies even provide you with the service of the maintenance of the decoration. If some lights stop working suddenly or a part of the decoration gets dishevelled due to a snowstorm, all you need to do is call them up and inform them about your issue. The rest will be taken care of by them. You have to do nothing about it.
  • Take the decoration off: At a scheduled time, they will also send men to take them off. Usually, they start by January 2nd, but their work may extend for the whole month (depending on the weather conditions).


After the read, you will be wondering about the cost of the whole procedure. The best way to get an estimate is to book a free consultation with the respective company. The price depends on various factors, like: 

  • The difficulty level of your roofline
  • The type of light you will be choosing
  • The size of your Christmas tree or the number of trees that need decoration
  • The different types of landscaping 
  • The total number of lights required for the purpose

So, when you go for the free consultation, keep in mind all your requisites to get a proper estimate.


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