Affluent Lifestyle – The Top 10 Most Expensive And Luxurious Casinos

Affluent Lifestyle - The Top 10 Most Expensive And Luxurious Casinos

Are you planning a luxury casino vacation but don’t know where to turn? We’ve made a list of the best expensive and luxurious casinos around the world just for you. Sit back and relax as we unveil which casinos made our list. Enjoy your vacation!

1. The Ritz Club, London

Down in London’s Piccadilly lives the luxurious Ritz Club. To enjoy admittance into this casino, one must become a member. Members of The Ritz Club do enjoy many perks, such as exclusive games and amenities, all while being surrounded by one of London’s grandest ballrooms.

2. Sun City, South Africa

This place, a self-proclaimed world within a city, is located near Johannesburg. The property has four different hotels to choose from and each one encompasses many styles and charms. The resort even has a private game reserve, offering a safari experience for all ages. This casino also has luxurious perks and exclusive private rooms for its high-roller customers.

3. The Venetian, Las Vegas

Established to resemble a smaller version of Venice, The Venetian rose in 1999. This extravagant mini-city has over 4,000 hotel rooms and all of the attractions and comforts that the real Venice boasts, including the boats and canals.

4. Wynn, Macau

Developed in 2006, this Macau property is the second in the Wynn family of hotels and casinos. Nestled in the Guangdong Province of Southern China, this casino houses over one thousand guest rooms and private suites, a huge shopping area, and two 5-star restaurants.

5. Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Remembered most notably for its backdrop in many James Bond films, Monte-Carlo is on the French Riviera. Known for its elite status, it is also a breeding ground for many celebrities and high rollers.

6. The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden Casino, Germany

The oldest casino on our list is The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden in Germany. This establishment opened its doors in 1820 but remains one of the most exorbitant. With many decorated halls and ballrooms, this building is also a great place to host a lavish party or gala.

7. The Wynn, Las Vegas

The Wynn was built back in 2005. The casino itself is over one hundred thousand square feet. This Las Vegas location also boasts a large complex with elite shopping locations and highly-rated restaurants right inside.

8. The Venetian Macau, Macau

Called the “Monte Carlo of the Orient” by many, this Venetian property is one of the grandest in the world, boasting over five hundred thousand square-feet, and 39 stories. Similar to The Venetian in Las Vegas, The Venetian Macau was also built and devised to resemble its inspiration city of Venice, Italy. This casino cost over $2 billion to erect.

9. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands may be a newer casino, having only opened its doors back in February 2011, but it is by far the most valuable on our list. This 161,000-square-foot property cost over $5 billion to build. It also houses a unique 3-acre attraction called the Sky Park, which lies on the 57th floor of the three-building unit. The Sky Park houses an extremely large infinity pool, as well as plenty of shops, eateries, and a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline.

10. The Bellagio, Las Vegas

Built back in 1998, the Bellagio is a medium to large casino. The main attraction of this property is the Fountain of Bellagio, which cost its builders around $40 million to erect. This enormous fountain may look familiar to you from Hollywood hits such as Ocean’s 11 and The Hangover. The Bellagio also houses two of the world’s best restaurants, Le Cirque and Picasso, which serve a comprehensive range of culinary delights.

The High Rollers, and the perks of being one

High rollers, also sometimes referred to as whales, typically bet and wager higher than the average gambler. High rollers at tables often bet upwards of $100 per hand, while those at the slots are wagering around $25. These high rollers receive elaborate and luxurious perks from casinos to continue to place top bets.

When other gamblers see people betting high, it makes them more likely to follow suit. But they don’t always want to be the first one to do it. Many casinos are referred to as high-roller bonus casinos in that they offer luxuriant and exclusive bonuses and perks to their high-roller customers.


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