Achieving the Luxury Look through the Minimalist Approach

Achieving the Luxury Look through the Minimalist Approach

It used to be that the luxury look was defined by the quantity of high-value items scattered across any given room. While premium products are still vital, a desire to have more open space rather than filled-up rooms has risen to the fore. Now, it’s about demonstrating the existence of floor space, getting a clean and minimalist feel which draws the eye to well-placed, luxury-but-functional items. Having wide-open spaces, superb views, and a relaxing setting is paramount to reflecting an affluent environment these days. To help realign with this mindset, you’ll need to go about keeping or buying new stuff in line with a focus on quality over quantity. To get on your way, we’re starting with the three most important rooms of the house in which you’ll want to experience the relaxing opulence of the minimalist approach.

The minimalist bedroom

Minimalist Bedroom

The centrepiece of your bedroom should always be your bed, and luckily, the standard build of a bed makes it easy to fit into a minimalist design. With straight-cut lines, a squared frame, and preferably a squared headboard, just about any bed frame can suit your bedroom. However, to help fully-embrace the minimalist approach, the best way to go is with a storage bed, especially one which has its own small sideboard. The Japanese Storage Bed, for example, emphasises these straight lines, features ample, but not noticeable, storage, and handy sides that allow you stand your drink and phone without the need for a clunky unit. The next step is decluttering.

Many of us have some books and likely a lamp to read in bed, but the idea behind the minimalist approach is to keep items in designated places, opting for digital versions of consumption. To cut between the two, books can be moved to a study and the lamp can be removed, all replaced by a slim, convenient eBook reader. As you likely will have guessed, the best going is a Kindle, with the Kindle Oasis also offering a backlight so that you don’t need a bedside lamp to read. Classy books can still be a core element of a room’s design. You could have some top picks aligned on a living room shelf, or organised in a study or designated media room, but books aren’t a part of the minimalist bedroom set-up. An eBook reader allows you to continue to read in bed and will help you to keep the levels of clutter to a minimal.

The minimalist living room

Modern living rooms are centred around comfort and entertainment, with the chances being that yours will feature a sofa set and likely a coffee table of some sort pointed towards a television. As with the other minimalist rooms, having clean lines and open spaces is key. Most entertainment appliances are rather clunky, but Samsung’s state-of-the-art The Wall television set-up seamlessly blends onto the living room’s existing verticals. Many wall-mount displays are set quite far from the wall itself, leaving undesirable space behind the appliance.

Furthermore, a lot of popular entertainment has now moved into online streaming, which should further help to keep your entertainment consumption in line with minimalism. One of the biggest transformations in this regard is that of casino gaming. Going from tables, to needing a desktop, to mobiles, the range of premium games at Betway can be played via your smartphone – which you’ll likely have on you at all times – or your computer. Even the live casino games, which let you play a physical casino game in real-time, can be played via smartphones and tablets. If it’s less of a hands-on entertainment medium that you prefer, that doesn’t require clunky hardware to be installed, streaming platforms are the answer.

In the UK, one of the top options is NowTV. From the premium television provider Sky, the NowTV streaming service allows you to get content from Sky Cinema, Sports, and Entertainment and without installing a box or dish. For another step in the minimalist direction, while enjoying the modern entertainment scene, you can also turn to streaming for gaming. With a strong internet connection, you can stream titles via the Stadia app to iOS or Android devices to enjoy without the usual hardware.

The minimalist office

Your bedroom and living room are recognised zones for fun and downtime, but your office is likely a workplace. While this doesn’t traditionally mean that an office space should be geared towards a relaxed, minimalist feel, the room and your work will certainly benefit from the direction. As we detailed at The Pinnacle List, a lean minimalistic office isn’t always the best choice, with the addition of some greenery helping to increase productivity as well as happiness. As you’ll likely be in there to work, having a pleasing piece of décor can go a long way to keeping you in a good state of mind while enduring the stresses of the job at hand. The next step if your desk. Most standard desks are quite minimalist in themselves: the squared frame and basic colouration lend an office desk to just about any scheme. However, you can go another step further should your office not be purely for desk work.

The unique Gavin Floating Desk at Wayfair is sturdy, squared, keeps things organised in its shelving, and also folds away. As a final element to make your office look streamlined and add you the option of shifting to a new setting if preferred, you’ll need a slim laptop. Top of the range right now has to be the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which boasts an absurd amount of power and an innovative touch bar. If you’re not one for Apple devices, Lenovo’s ThinkBook 13s-IML is a worthy choice.

Going minimal is the modern way to relay luxury, with the added benefit of the right approach bringing you a much more relaxed living space.


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