5 Improvements To Make To The Outside Of Your Home

5 Improvements To Make To The Outside Of Your Home

You can spend a lot of time and money renovating the inside of your home, but what about the outside? The surroundings of your house matter. Your yards matter. The paint and the roof can transform the home. Whether you want to make changes to the inside of your home or not, renovating the outside can be very lucrative. Below are five improvements to make to the outside of your home and increase the value of it while youโ€™re at it.

1. Put in a Pool and/or Jacuzzi

One of the most obvious renovations that end up being a good investment is putting in a pool and jacuzzi. It depends on where you live but it is especially lucrative when you live in a sunny place. Homes in California and Florida will benefit greatly from putting in a pool and a jacuzzi. Do some research about how much more the homes sell for when they have a pool or a Jacuzzi. If you spend some time on it, you will learn what is right for your property and location. Not only will a pool increase the value of your home, but you will also be able to enjoy it while youโ€™re still there.

2. Paint the Outside

While it may not increase the value of your home that much, painting the outside can provide a whole new vibe. It can significantly change how the house looks, but what may happen is that the house is changed in the way it’s perceived. Certain colors and styles may be perceived as more expensive than others. When you are thinking about selling the house, you should paint it anyway just so it appears fresh and new. Youโ€™d be surprised just how much the way the house is perceived changes by painting it a new color.

3. Put in a Barbecue

Another great option for renovating the outside of your home is to put in a barbecue. A barbecue or an outdoor kitchenย will entice buyers. It will provide a way to cook outside and have fun with friends while youโ€™re still there, but then it will become a selling point when you are going to rent the house out or sell it. You can create a patio and install natural stone for outdoor patiosย to improve the overall look and cost of the backyard. When it comes to selling a house, the more amenities like a pool and a barbecue the more the house will boost the price of your home. The investments will pay off in the end if you know what you are doing.

4. Landscape

You should also think about landscaping when youโ€™re about to sell your house. You might not be worried about this when there are no plans to sell, but if you put in the effort to landscape the front and back yards with high-quality, long-lasting foliage and trees, the buyers will notice. If you want to start ahead of time, begin cultivating yards that have valuable plants. Perhaps think about planting a fruit tree. Have well-trimmed grass and hedges. Whatever you are interested in doing, landscaping is a great way to increase the perception of the home and add some value to it with plants.

5. Build an Outdoor Seating Area

Finally, if you have enough space, you can build an outdoor seating area. A patio is great, but if you have more money to make a setup that is dynamic and larger than just a place to sit, you should invest in this area of the property. You can even put it in a fireplace. Buy some outdoor chairs that you can easily clean and keep up. Think about the space. If you pay attention to the design of your home and improve it with an outdoor seating area, buyers will take notice.

People often forget that the outside of the home is the first place people see. Going into the backyard, you want there to be exciting amenities and high-quality renovations. Make the home your happy place and you will find that it will become somebody elseโ€™s when you go to sell the property. All of these things in tandem will make quite the difference.