5 Important Oriental Rug Care Tips

5 Important Oriental Rug Care Tips

An oriental rug has the ability to turn any room from shabby to fabulous! But as beautiful as they are, oriental rugs can quickly deteriorate without the proper care. Much like the other areas of your home, your rug requires routine maintenance in order to look its best.

With that in mind, do you need carpet cleaning suggestions for your rug? If so, take a look at the tips below to learn more.

1. Keep it Away from Direct Sunlight

Opening the blinds to let the sun in can completely liven the atmosphere of your home. However, it can also damage your oriental rug.

When UV rays directly hit the carpet, it’ll eventually bleach the colors over time. Therefore, you should put your rug in an area away from the sunlight.

2. Lots of Foot Traffic

Another thing that can severely damage your oriental rug is heavy foot traffic. In most cases, rugs are meant to be accessories to your home decor. But if you put it in an area where people are constantly walking by, it’s going to get ruined fast.

Place the rug underneath a table or in an area that’s not the main entry point of a room.

3. Pet Hair

Unfortunately, if you have a pet, they’ll most likely damage your oriental rug quicker than you’d like. It’s nearly impossible to prevent them from walking or lying on it. Plus, their hair is bound to get lost within the fibers of the rug.

As a result, you’ll have to implement routine rug care to keep it in good condition. Your rug cleaning routine should include vacuuming two to three times a week and shampooing a couple of times a month.

4. Improper Storage

Most people have multiple rugs and like to change them out with the seasons and redecorate. However, the majority of individuals choose the improper technique of putting away and storing their rugs. Rolling it up and securing it with plastic locks in moisture that could rot the fibers.

Therefore, you should loosely roll the carpet so it can breathe and put it in a dry place without plastic wrap

5. Clean Spills Right Away

It’s not always easy to clean up spills as soon as they happen. You might dab it with a paper towel and save the shampooing for later. However, doing this will quickly ruin your oriental rug. If you spill anything on your carpet, clean it up with carpet shampoo or white vinegar as soon as possible.

If all else fails, hire an expert carpet cleaner.

Take Care of Your Oriental Rug

As you can see, preserving the look of your oriental rug requires routine care. You have to make sure that you are doing regular carpet cleaning; otherwise, it’ll completely lose its lustrous look.

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