4 Alternate Housing Trends Hitting The Luxury Market

4 Alternate Housing Trends Hitting The Luxury Market

There are important factors to consider when building a luxury home. While most people think that luxurious homes are automatically large, this is not always the case. The things that distinguish a luxury home from average homes are often found in the details. You can have a large home with all the builder-grade standard finishes. Or you can have a smaller custom home with quartz countertops, marble floors, and ornate details created just for that homeowner.

Luxury homes are often filled with modern touches that make it feel like a getaway while you’re at home. Large windows often allow in more natural light, but at the touch of a button, you can block out the light with custom blinds and shades. Spa-like bathrooms give you a relaxing place to go at the end of the workday. While you might have one idea in your head of what a luxury home looks like, here are some alternative housing options hitting the luxury market in incredible ways.

Custom Homes Created From Storage Containers

Have you watched any DIY shows or YouTube tutorials lately? They are filled with enterprising builders who want nothing more than a beautiful home. They often try to save money by using unexpected materials. They find reclaimed wood and storage containers for sale and somehow manage to create incredible homes. These aren’t always tiny either. The most creative and skilled people can imagine luxurious homes using materials no one would’ve ever considered. These marvels of engineering leverage the strength of the containers with the ease of using rectangular shapes to determine the design of the home and the placement of rooms. By mixing materials, you can design storage container homes as simply or lavishly as you’d like.  

Off-Grid Homes

Get the thought of a backwoods shed out of your mind when you think of off-grid living. This style of living is all about independence from the traditional grid. You don’t need to be hooked up to city water and sewage or the electrical grid to have a luxurious home. This allows people to build almost anywhere, even if they are miles and miles from the nearest services.

Off-grid simply means that they leverage alternative electricity sources like solar panels, that they use a well, and have a septic system instead of city waste removal. These homes are still filled with all the fabulous touches you would expect in a luxury home. They have modern kitchens, epic bathrooms, and even additional amenities like swimming pools and game rooms. You don’t need to sacrifice anything to live off-grid.

Green Homes

Have you ever seen a home built into the side of a hill, or with grass growing on the roof? While these homes might have you envisioning a Hobbit-house, we assure you that they are so much more than that. There is a movement in eco-friendly circles to add greenery to homes in cities. Instead of asphalt roofs, they encourage the use of natural materials to not only keep things cooler, but to help keep the carbon levels down. This makes for cleaner air and more moderate temperatures in areas where they use more of these homes.

Additionally, green homes use materials that are more eco-friendly and healthy for people and the environment. Most new homes are filled with toxic chemicals in the carpets, paint, and more. More and more people want luxury, but they also want healthy homes that won’t have a negative impact on the environment.


Uncle Eddie from National Lampoon’s Christmas isn’t the only person with an RV. Think about tour buses for a second. Have you ever gotten a peek inside? Some of them have hot tubs, luxurious beds, sound systems, and more. Their bathrooms look like something out of a high-end home. They are basically RV’s for famous people who travel for shows. They are filled with every modern comfort.

Modern luxurious RVs are just like that. They are beautiful, elegant, modern, and don’t look like they came out of the backwoods. RV’s have gotten luxurious upgrades to the point that once you’re inside, you’d never know what it was on the outside. They have even gotten larger where at the touch of a button, you can expand the size to reveal additional rooms and even a second or third floor. Can you imagine living in a mobile luxury house?