3 Advantages Of Living In An Integrated Resort

3 Advantages Of Living In An Integrated Resort

When you’re on a holiday, wouldn’t you love lounging in a resort with all the amenities imaginable? Looking for entertainment and shopping options, food, or other things to do should not stress you out when you’re on a holiday. 

While it’s tempting to spend a few days disconnected from the world, you’d still want to keep living the life by enjoying it, perhaps, in an integrated resort. This perfect holiday spot, also known as all-inclusive resort, works to your advantage by serving as an ultimate destination vacation and pleasure destination.

Discover how staying in an integrated resort would benefit you and your family in your quest to have a perfect holiday or a long-term stay.

What Is An Integrated Resort?

An integrated resort refers to a property that not only offers hotel accommodation, but also includes other basic and entertainment amenities, such as convention centers, a casino, a resort, theme parks, restaurants, and shopping malls. While the famous hotel-cum-casino theme parks have originated in Las Vegas, Nevada, the term was coined to describe a famous destination in Asia. The concept has since become an inspiration for similarly- themed and most expensive resorts all over the world.

The Benefits Of Living In An Integrated Resort

1. You Can Do What You Want

There’s no dearth of spaces where you can perform different activities. In an integrated resort, there are always plenty of things to do, and you’ll never get bored. 

Join Zumba lessons on Mondays, yoga on Tuesdays, dance and art lessons on Wednesdays, or barbeques on the weekends. For the adventurous, rock climbing, snorkeling, or beach exploring are a few of the many things you can do.

The hospitality sector has evolved at a faster pace these few years, putting their guests needs and wants before anything else. In order to do this, integrated resorts’ property developers have to fully understand how the different target market segments behave, as well as their wants. This may require sending out or asking guests to fill in survey forms, or conducting an online-based questionnaire.

By fully understanding the market, designers are able to understand their need for business, entertainment, and pleasure. This could mean state-of-the-art convention centers, museums, and an advanced gaming center or kids’ arcades, among other amenities.

2. You’ll Have Everything You Need

Whether for a short- or long-term rental, these properties provide luxury living, first and foremost. In Asia, integrated resorts are in various stages of development in Singapore, Cyprus, and Sri Lanka. An all-inclusive resort living is also offered by the Gold Coast Star Residences in Australia. That being said, you don’t have to stress yourself out in looking for enjoyable and memorable activities for you and your family.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy walking through the theme parks or playing arcade games. If you want to engage in a casino game, take your seat to play the slot machine. If you need to buy a new pair of clothes, step into one of the stores lined up along the mall strip. Whatever it is that you and your family want or need, you can find it in the expansive all-inclusive property.

Hungry? Dine with style in one of the restaurants that feature diverse cuisines worldwide. You can choose which ambience and gustatory experience you want to have at any given time. Take a seat to have some wagyu beef steak and lobsters, or join your kids in some fast-food binge by munching on ice cream, burgers, and spaghetti.

 Depending on the package you’ll purchase, food and drinks may either be included or not, so always take a wallet with you.

3. Cost-Effective

As with other posh hotels, living in an integrated resort may be pricey upfront. But, part of the cost you’re paying is for comfort and convenience, as well as safety. Integrated resorts are relatively secluded and cover a vast expanse of land. It’ll take a few hundred miles before reaching the ‘outside world.’ This means guests are safe from the intrusions of community residents, although you may need to protect yourself from the other guests, as with other places.

Most of these properties offer diverse costs for different package levels. Read all the services and amenities included before deciding to choose the best deal. Also, read the fine print, as there could be hidden costs buried under the package.

Remember that you won’t be spending any transportation costs and could enjoy perks, discounts, free services, and other freebies included in the package cost. You may even get generous discounted rates for a long-term stay.

Final Thoughts

Las Vegas Boulevard - Paradise, Nevada

Living in an integrated resort, you’ll find the utmost comfort, rest, and relaxation. With its state-of-the-art amenities and fully customizable services, you really don’t need to go somewhere else. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out on essential human interaction as such types of luxurious property has been designed to give you the best of both worlds.


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