2022 Luxury Travel Trends

2022 Luxury Travel Trends

In the past two years, the world has changed a lot. For many people, however, they’re ready to get back out and travel, even though perhaps not to locations as far-flung as they were once interested in. 

Luxury travel is likely to be a standout in the new year, and with that in mind, the following are some of the big travel trends to watch. 

Domestic Travel and Staying Close to Home

Many travelers are still likely to want to stay closer to home than in the past, including luxury travelers. This could mean, at a minimum picking locations that are domestic, in the U.S. 

We’ve seen a big rise in the popularity of more relaxing, under-the-radar locations with outdoor activities and plenty of opportunities to escape some of the things happening in the world. This is likely to continue. 

As far as staying in the country, COVID restrictions continue to be difficult to manage. They change quickly, and even if you’re vaccinated, you’re likely to have to go through multiple rounds of testing to get out of and back into the U.S. For many travelers, it just may not be worth it to travel internationally just yet. 

That doesn’t mean international travel won’t pick up somewhat, but it still likely won’t be on par with pre-COVID levels. 

The Return of the Travel Agent

Travel agents were at one point seen as dated and no longer relevant. That’s changing, and they’re once again becoming a popular option, especially among luxury travelers.

Travel agents have access to resources you can’t get by simply searching online. 

They can plan the otherwise challenging logistics of a trip, and with the COVID restrictions varying depending on where you are in the country and the world, they can help you here too. 

Plus, a lot of travelers like the peace of mind of knowing they can call their travel agent if something goes wrong on their trip, and they can handle it for them. 

Tech-Driven Travel

The pandemic sped up the adoption of certain types of technology in many ways, which will only increase, including in the travel industry. 

From digitally storing vaccine records to a growing interest in real-time travel notifications, technology is helping people stay informed and make appropriate travel decisions for them. 

Contactless travel technology is another big trend. You can do nearly everything in your travel experience without coming in contact with another person. You can get concierge support, check into flights and your hotel, and order services through apps. 

This technology is likely to become more prevalent in the actual cabins of planes, at resorts, and at museums and attractions.


Sustainability is a travel trend for 2022 but looking ahead that’s likely to continue past next year. The airline industry is emphasizing sustainability right now, for example. Travelers are prioritizing companies that advertise their environmental efforts and initiatives. Travelers value transparency in this area, and consumers want to work with brands that they feel support their values.

Google Flights is now offering estimates of carbon emissions when you search flights, which is a huge step for the travel industry’s sustainability efforts.

Other specific priorities for travelers related to sustainability include waste management and the availability of eco-friendly options.

An Amadeus survey found 2/3 of respondents consider sustainability a priority when they travel. In the same survey, 37% of respondents said they believe the opportunity for travelers to be involved in preserving popular destinations will help the entire industry ultimately become more sustainable.

Destinations favored among eco-minded travelers right now include Costa Rica and Iceland.

Solo Travel and Group Travel

There are two seemingly divergent trends in travel right now, although both stem from the same underlying factors.

Solo travel is a popular option because people felt cooped up during the pandemic, and as a result, they aren’t willing to wait for people to travel with them. Plus, people have gotten used to spending time alone, making them feel more comfortable and empowered to see the world that way.

As far as group travel, many families that didn’t see each other as much as they would normally or maybe at all may now be ready to do so, and so they’re planning large trips to see one another.

Multigenerational travel is seeing an uptick in demand. Grandparents, parents, and children find vacation spots they can enjoy together, like national parks. There’s been a lot of isolation over the past two years and for a lot of people there’s a sense of craving togetherness.

Wellness Travel

After two years of stress and anxiety and perhaps not paying as much attention to your health as you’d like to have, you might want to embrace a wellness-centric trip away from home.

More people appreciate the opportunities available to them to improve their health and well-being, physically and mentally. 

There are so many ways this is playing out in travel. For example, people are seeking out immune-boosting treatments and programs. 

Nature therapy is another big one, as are trips that help you learn to manage stress more effectively. 

Another trend is anything that allows you to disconnect from technology and the internet.

Before the pandemic, the average American spends around four hours a day on their smartphone. After the pandemic, that went up to six hours a day.

Digital detoxes are a way to combat screen burnout and also take yourself away from some of the negativity you can find waiting for you online. 

Finally, another trending area of travel we’re probably going to see more of in 2022 is extended trips. Many people can now work remotely some or all of the time, and that means they can take their jobs with them anywhere in the world. 

Travelers are booking apartments and entire homes for weeks or even months and bringing their laptops along for the ride to stay connected. Many luxury properties are already booked up over the coming months as a result.