Why Likes Are So Important For Social Media Marketing

Why Likes Are So Important For Social Media Marketing

The concept of social media likes is one that can get people excited. A like is a sign of approval from other social media users. Everyone is searching for approval in one form or another. On social media, people like to share their ideas and opinions. Seeing that people agree or approve of what you have to say is sure to make you feel more confident in yourself. The more likes you get, the more you will become aware that there are plenty of people out there who have the same feelings as yourself. Given the large number of social media users, the amount of people that you may find agree with you can be quite a large number. If you build up a large fanbase, you can become one of the leading lights in your sector, if not throughout all social media. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a closer look at what likes are all about.

People are even paying for likes

The popularity of likes and the desire to have them means that people are looking to other ways of getting them when doing it the traditional way doesn’t work. The demand for likes has led to enterprising Internet users to set up online shops where likes are sold. At sites like iigers Instagram likes can be yours at a fair price. With these likes, you can go on to make your content as popular as you wish. However, it’s not just likes that are for sale. All manner of social media features can be bought: You can also get views, comments and followers. If Instagram isn’t your thing then keep looking and you are bound to find a website that provides you with the features you desire for the social network of your choice, whether it is Facebook of Twitter or a different one altogether.

Why exactly are likes so popular?

So what brings people to spend money on something that can be got for free? Are likes really all that important for social media users? Well, as we mentioned before, likes are a sign of approval and we all like approval. However, in social media terms, likes are a type of interaction that can draw a lot of attention your way. If you have a post that is getting a lot of likes, it can push you onto  a bigger platform and help your name gain more recognition throughout the realm of social media. Likes are simply the fuel that fans the fire in this case so it is worth doing your best to get as many as you can. There are some social media users who will keep track obsessively of the numbers of likes they get per post. Social networks also keep track of these numbers. If it is seen that your profile and its content regularly gets a lot of interaction then you can be sure that it will be better promoted by the social network in question.

How to get likes

With the way things are in the world at the moment, we all need a bit more positivity and you can be sure that there will be plenty of people out there who would appreciate just that. At this moment in time, positive, uplifting, inspirational material is sure to catch the attention of people out there and get a warm welcome. This is one approach to think of at this very moment. However, in more general circumstances, there are several other ways that you can draw more attention to yourself in order to get more likes. These include:

Using hashtags

Simply put, hashtags are the most useful tool on social media if you are looking to bring your content to the attention of other users. Hashtags are short phrases or even single words that can be added to a post in order to categorise it and make it easier for people interested in the topic to find it. This means that people who are unaware of your profile or its content can then be led to it by searching for the hashtag. They may also be guided in the direction of your profile if the hashtags you use are in common with those that the user has expressed an interest in before.

How locations can help

Similar to hashtags, locations can be of use as they link your content to a specific place and this helps put it on the radar of people based there. This is particularly useful if you are organising some kind of event that requires the physical presence of the people it is directed towards. It is also beneficial if you are using your account to promote a business that has a physical location where people can drop by.

Running competitions

This approach is one that is guaranteed to get results as everybody loves to enter a competition and have the chance to win a prize. The premise for this strategy is quite simple: you post on your profile that you are going to run a competition and the only way to enter is by liking the post. This is a surefire way to get a massive wave of interaction all at once. The way you use to decide on the winner is entirely up to you. The only downside about this approach is that it is not feasible to do very often, unless you have lots of prizes hanging around for users to win.