Why Halal Food Is The Future Of Food Service

When we talk about the future of food services, the thing that first comes to mind is halal food. In recent years the stats show a significant rise in the demand for halal food not only in the Muslim community or countries but also in the West among non-Muslims. 

Fed, slaughtered, and prepared according to Islamic dietary laws, halal food is a must-think for Muslims. However, it’s pretty interesting to see its popularity from diverse backgrounds. The main reason is the awareness of how high quality and culturally diverse halal food is. That’s why it is emerging worldwide, and people consider it the future of the food service industry. Let’s see the reasons behind its emergence in detail. 

Why Halal Food is the Future of Food Service

Global Halal market 

When it comes to the global halal food market size, the stats make everyone amazed by showing the amount of US$ 2,221.3 Billion in 2022, which the estimation analyses predict to reach US$ 4,177.3 Billion by 2028. It is growing rapidly because of an increasing number of Muslims worldwide and the NON-Muslims’ interest in it. 

Demand Prevails 

The list of halal food is small in number, as only a few animals are allowed to be slaughtered and consumed in Islam. The restriction of pork and alcohol further cut down the list. But the rise in demand is not only because Muslims need halal food; in addition, the non-Muslims or individuals who are seeking alternative dietary options also choose halal food as a meal. This reason compels many big names to consider incorporating halal products into their business, including Nestle, Walmart, and many others. 

Ethical Source

Halal food has a direct relation with ethical and humane sourcing practices. According to Islam, the halal doesn’t mean reciting ALLAH’s name during slaughtering; instead, it demands care and respect while treating animals’ lifetime, including feeding, bringing up, and slaughtering. So halal food is a choice for everyone who wants their food choices to be in line with their ethical values and animal welfare guidelines. 


People from diverse cultures consume halal food without having any association with the Islamic religion. Moreover, the availability of all types of fast food prepared with halal chicken, meat, and other halal ingredients also makes things easier. 

Popular & popular

Halal food has gained too much popularity nowadays that it seems dramatic. That’s why many businesses try to make changes in their menus, like adding halal Hot Chicken just to entertain diverse people. 

Why Halal Food is the Future of Food Service

When it comes to halal food, why not choose some halal-certified restaurants that offer delicious taste and quality? Here in this article, I’ll explain a little bit about two restaurants that offer halal food and serve the best fast food in the West for halal chicken lovers. 

Crimson Coward

Serving in various cities of the USA, Crimson Coward has made its name among the top few favorite places of humans. With its specialty, Nashville Hot Chicken, with the additional satisfaction of halal certification, they are equally famous among Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Crimson Coward is always your first priority, not only because it is halal-certified but you can get high-quality, fresh, and delicious food at their place. It is one of the favorite places for spice lovers, with the best hot fried chicken and other delectable halal foods. 

The Crimson team is always determined to satisfy their guests with the most flavorful and tasty food that not only meets their hunger but gives a unique flavor to their tongues.

BiG AL’S Pizzeria

BiG AL’S Pizzeria is one of the best leading Halal Pizza providers in the USA. You can choose a wide variety of Pizza, wings, and desserts, and all the food is halal-certified. BiG AL’S Pizza and hala wings will surprise you with their unique taste and flavor. 

With the best Pizza in Los Angles, BiG AL’S Pizzeria gets a lot of positive reviews and a huge fanbase. They care about the ingredients and serve their guest the best and high-quality food. Food looks fantastic with the satisfaction of halal certification and freshness.


After reading the above points, I hope you understand why halal food is the future of food service. Its healthy, nutritious nature makes it people’s first choice, which increases its demand. That’s why it is assumed that everyone who needs healthy, nutritious, and nature-friendly food will not spare halal food in any case.ย