Why an Agent Can Be Your Best Guide During Real Estate Transactions?

Despite the proliferation of several services to help home buyers and sellers undertake real estate transactions, the usability of a real estate agent in Oakville remains. Indeed, doing the work on your own will save you the commission that you had to pay to the real estate agent, which could be a significant amount as demanded by some top real estate agents. Still, it could also pose so much trouble that you could end paying more in the long run than what you save.

In this article, we will talk about why real estate agents are still relevant and why you should hire one when buying or selling real estate.

More convenience / better access

Real estate agents devote their time to liaise between a buyer and a seller. The agent has access to properties listed by other agents. Real estate agents who serve home buyers will track down homes that meet their criteria, contact the seller’s agent, and arrange for viewing the house by setting up an appointment. If you take the task upon yourself, you must do all that the real estate agent does, and understand how complex it might be for you to navigate through the process. However, this is only the initial work in the process, which entails many more steps involving legal and commercial activities. Again, when selling your home on your own, you must attend to the calls from buyers and respond quickly to them.

Negotiation is not easy

Some people feel that a direct negotiation between sellers and buyers is transparent and allows both parties to protect their interest in the best way. While this might be true in some cases, you would not always be lucky enough to have reasonable people to deal with. Moreover, the relationship between buyer and seller is not always easy going. It often happens that you might like a home except for some aspects of interior decoration. But trying to convey your feelings to the owner might be difficult as it could lead to some misunderstanding and even hurt the seller’s feelings. Instead, having an agent could make things easy as he or she would convey your concern to the seller’s agent, who could keep the deal alive by keeping the doors of negotiation open.

Contracts are difficult to handle

For home buyers, the purchase contract can have clauses that protect them by providing a way to back out in case some condition of the contract is not met. Are you plan to buy a home by availing mortgage but not getting approval for it? You can break the deal only if there is a financial clause in the contract as one of the conditions of sale. Having a real estate agent on your side will ensure that the contract has the necessary safeguards that can protect you financially should anything go wrong, and the deal falls through.

The real estate agent can help home buyers draft contracts that protect their interest.