Where You Should Hire Country Musicians to Play

Where You Should Hire Country Musicians to Play

The country-loving music spans between all sorts of ages and backgrounds. Whether you are jamming to Luke Bryan in your car on a hot summer’s day, taking it back with Johnny Cash, or relaxing to some Dixie Chicks, country music can be heard anywhere. If you are looking to bring some country musicians to play, here are some of the best locations. 

Nashville, Tennessee

Like people say–there’s no place like home. As the country music capital of the world, there is no better place to fully immerse yourself in the country culture than Nashville, Tennessee. You can choose many different venues, including Ryman Auditorium, the famous Grand Ole Opry, and other local outdoor and indoor locations. The good thing about hiring country musicians to play here is that it is not just the audience’s dream to see a concert in the Music City, but also a dream of playing here for the musicians. Once the show is over, people can enjoy the Country Music Hall of Fame

Grizzly Rose, Denver, Coloradoย 

Colorado is a beautiful state where you can enjoy great music with an even better view. Grizzly Rose is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains with a dining room, smoke shop, and a dance floor you can enjoy during the concert! This venue has brought in many famous country artists such as Garth Brooks and Toby Keith. Thus saying, this is a great place to bring in musicians, and people will travel to see their favorite artists. 

Bakersfield, California

For anybody in the United States out by the Pacific, you might know Bakersfield, California, to be the “Nashville of the West Coast.” So there is no wonder it is an excellent place to go to hire country musicians to play. It even has an iconic venue, “The Crystal Palace,” with its dance hall, perfect for country music! Not to mention it also includes a restaurant and concert stage (founded by the one and only Buck Owens“. So just because you’re not down south where country music is known to be booming, you can get your dose of it in Bakersfield, California!

Dallas, Texas

Home of the Cowboys, Dallas, is sure to have a country music festival where you can go. It is a great place to hire country duos for whatever event or get together you might be hosting. A great many country songs were written and inspired here, including countless cowboys ballads across the years. Dallas is known for being the heart of the west, and you are sure to find girls and boys in their cowboy hats ready for a country song to sing. 


The music genre country is considered unique, inspiring, and fun to a significant population of the United States of America, but there are a handful of cities that do it best. If you are considering where you should hire country musicians to play, these are some great options.