Where To Buy Ripple

Ripple Crypto

Ripple is the network enabling fast funds transfers between users in the financial industry. The Ripple Pay protocol was founded in 2005, even before we knew about the first crypto – Bitcoin. The project has a native token, XRP. In terms of capitalization, the token maintains its position among the 10 best cryptos in the market. You can find XRP tokens on all major crypto platforms: Binance, WhiteBIT, Coinbase, Huobi, etc. Today the XRP USDT pair is traded at $0.38 (June 2022).

From the very beginning, the project aimed to replace the SWIFT system or remove the layer of settlements between financial parties in exchanging funds. Ripple is the network that facilitates transactions between financial institutions with no high fees or third parties.

The project brings innovations to businesses, financial institutions, and governments, providing:

  • Crypto liquidity – It is a platform where users can buy, hold, exchange crypto assets, and offer crypto services.
  • Cross-border payments – a wide range of payments with real-time settlement and liquidity management are available due to Ripple.
  • Implementation of secure CBDCs – Central Bank Digital Currency that complies with security standards of Central Banks.

Now letโ€™s talk about where to buy Ripple. The safest and most convenient option is to use a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. It may be one of the platforms we listed before. Letโ€™s take WhiteBIT as an example.

A guide on how to buy cryptocurrency

Register an account on WhiteBIT and click the โ€œTradingโ€ tab. Pick the crypto pair you need, for example, XRP USDT. Create an order, pay the fee, and receive your XRP in your wallet. If you have not got any crypto yet, you may buy XRP with fiat money from your bank card. Pay attention to the bank fees related to working with crypto. Similarly, you can purchase XRP on any other centralized exchange. 

Ripple Labs is actively working on expanding the project and receiving mass adoption. More than 200 large financial institutions worldwide have become Ripple partners (Standard Chartered Bank, Banco Santander, Westpac, etc.).

Every year, cross-border payments worth $155 trillion are made globally. The development team is committed to ensuring that the XRP cryptocurrency becomes an intermediary in this global market. Ripple offers low fees, a transaction speed of 4 seconds, and a high level of security.


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