What’s Pro-Local SEO Strategy & How Will It Boost Your Local Real Estate Business’ SEO?

What’s Pro-Local SEO Strategy & How Will It Boost Your Local Real Estate Business’ SEO?

Pro-Local SEO Strategy

Pro-Local SEO is an SEO strategy that is designed around the question:

“Which Businesses Can Send High-Quality Leads Towards Me?”

In this article we will explain about this strategy and describe how real estate agents can use it to scale up their business.

The importance of SEO

Did you know that about 90% of people overall don’t move past the first page of Google Search results?

If your business doesn’t quite appear on the first page of search engine results, then you will simply be missing out on 90% of your potential customers.

Competition’s quite fierce nowadays, and it’s really hard to gain that first position at the top of search engine results. That’s exactly where Search Engine Optimization comes in.

With the help of SEO, businesses can improve their rankings on search engines organically. It’s the process of optimizing content on your website in such a manner that the search engines find it relevant enough to place your website at the top for specific keywords.

Here are the top ten benefits of SEO for just about any business out there:

  • Low-Cost Marketing Tool
  • Increase In Website Traffic
  • Visibility In Your Niche
  • Long-Term Results
  • Greater Prestige & Credibility
  • Good Customer Experience
  • Brand Awareness
  • Increase in ROI

And that’s exactly why it’s really important for your business to get started with SEO.

If you really want to gain results, backlinks are the way to go.

Backlinks are one of the most crucial elements of SEO. Whenever another website links to your website, a backlink is created. They are also referred to as “incoming links” or “inbound links”. Google considers backlinks to check whether a website deserves to be placed at the top. It also represents a vote of confidence from one website to another. This means that the other website vouches for your content.

And if you are serious about taking your business to the next level, it’s time to start working on those backlinks today.

If you’re a realtor, there’s just no better time for you to build your presence online than now.

Stop asking “Who’s My Client”

Some people might have told you to identify who your target audience is. They might have suggested you ask yourself:

“Who’s My Client?”

To be honest, it’s really important to identify who your target audience is, but if you are serious about building a strategy that does wonders, then we’d suggest you reframe your question to something like:

“Which Businesses Can Send High-Quality Leads Towards Me?”

That’s correct!

It’s time that you stopped chasing the clients and pamper those who can refer a client to you.

For example, Affiliate Marketing is one of the biggest sources of income for so many people out there. Plus, it’s the only reason why some brands have been able to reach the top of the food chain and generate higher revenue.

In order to establish your dominance in the local real estate market, it’s really important for you to build a mutually beneficial partnership with other local businesses.

Here’s a list of a few of the industries that we are talking about:

Insurance Companies

It’s no secret that homeowner insurance is super important. Some homeowners are; however, trying to turn their new property into flip homes, rentals, or businesses. That’s exactly why they need to have the right insurance.

Working as a realtor, in partnership with the insurance companies, will help you attract their customers who might be your potential prospects.

Personal Bankers

For some, buying a house can be one of the biggest financial investments of their life. That’s exactly why it’s really necessary to have a personal banker hired to run the numbers.

Most of your potential prospects might approach a personal banker before even thinking of buying a new house. Getting in partnership with personal bankers in your local neighborhood with the Pro Local SEO Strategy will make them send them your way.

Commercial Lenders

In terms of the home buying process, loan officers are one of the most integral parts; however, not many homebuyers have one.

Not only will getting in partnership with the commercial lenders benefit you, but it will be beneficial hugely for them as well.

Title Companies

That’s one of the most important partnerships that you’ll have as title companies work across many channels and usually strongly network in the local real estate industry.

At Florida Title Center for example, they built the Pro-Local SEO Strategy around a program they call, “The Realtor & Us”. This is a pure Pro-Local SEO Strategy, specifically helping us build trust with realtors.

How to Implement Local-SEO Strategy On Your Real Estate Business?

Building long-lasting relationships with these industries in your local area can simply do wonders for your real-estate business.

But the question is, “How?”

And that’s exactly what we will take a look at here.

In the further sections, we’ll look at some of the tactics that you need to keep in mind to build a long-lasting and healthy relationship with the local industries in your neighborhood.

How Can You Start Using Pro-Local SEO Strategy For Your Business?

Build A User-Friendly Website

Remember this:

“Your website is the highlight of your business.”

That’s exactly why you need to design your SEO strategy in such a way that it attracts visitors and keeps them at the very first sight. You also need to make sure that your visitors are able to access your website without any hassle – especially in the real estate industry, it’s really important for you to have a web presence because that’s the only way your prospects or potential buyers will be able to see details about your company, pictures of the property that you are currently selling, and much more.

Here are few of the tips and tricks that you need to keep in your mind to build a perfect user-friendly real-estate website:

  • Create Neat Layouts
  • Speed Up Your Page
  • Create A Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Keep A Simple & Unique Design
  • Include Social Media Handles & Contact Information
  • Add A Search Bar

Dedicate A Section of Your Website To the People, You Work With

Don’t we all want to be appreciated? Imagine dedicating an entire page of your website indicating the best lenders in your region. Wouldn’t the commercial lenders be impressed right away? And that’s exactly what we would advise you to do.

For each of the businesses you are involved in, right from insurance companies to mortgage brokers, make sure that you have a dedicated website page for each one of them.

Let’s just assume that we are talking about commercial lenders. In this case, here’s what the title of your page should be like:

Work with The Best Lenders in The Region. Scroll Down to Find Out Who”

Don’t know how to approach the lenders?

Here are few of the things you can offer the commercial lenders while you reach out to them:

  • Invite them to publish their profile on your website
  • Place their attractive full bio-profile on your website
  • Structure their bio with
    • Name
    • Business Name
    • Photo
    • Backlinks
    • Q&A
  • Build their profile in an engaging interview-type format in which they answer questions about their business and offer their suggestions on the market.

Give them an offer that they won’t be able to refuse. Make sure that your website is top-notch before you even think of approaching any business in your local region.

Once you get in touch with them and make them accept your offer, they will be more than happy to:

  • Send Clients Towards You
  • Identify Their Business with Yours And “Brag” On the Fact That They Co-operate With You
  • Provide Backlinks

And that’s not it.

Once other businesses in the industry witness this, they will want to do the same for them as well. Even the other businesses will start sending high-quality leads your way. That’s what will help you close more clients as well as collaborations with various other businesses. They’ll see it as a serious and innovative approach.

Reach Out To The Local Businesses To Be Added To Your Pro Local SEO Program

In the above section, we took a look at some of the potential local businesses that you can reach out to.

Here are the ones that we mentioned:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Personal Bankers
  • Commercial Lenders
  • Bakeries
  • Landscapers
  • Cleaning Services
  • Staging Experts
  • Title Companies

The Pro Local SEO Strategy is all about you connecting with the local businesses in your area, helping both of the businesses involved attract more clients towards their way.

After you have successfully created a list of the potential local businesses you’ll be reaching out to, it’s finally time to get in touch with them. Ask them how this program will be beneficial for each of the parties involved.

Let them know how excited you are. Not only will they love getting in partnership with you, but they will also help you increase your website’s ranking on the search engine results by providing you high-quality backlinks.

Definitely a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Talk About Your Program On Social Media Platforms

Did you know that about 3.484 billion people have access to social media platforms? That’s nearly 45% of the overall world population that we are talking about, and that’s how powerful social media platforms are.

That’s exactly the reason to talk about your program on social media platforms. People, as well as various businesses, will be able to see how innovative you are. Let them know how excited you are about this program, and what are your future goals. They’ll love to learn how you invest in your partners. Some businesses will even want to join your success.

That’s exactly when you see your Pro Local SEO Strategy doing wonders for your business.

It’s Time To Hit The Road

In the above sections, we learned how this Pro Local SEO Strategy could do wonders for your business. Wouldn’t you just grab the opportunity to attract a huge number of customers towards your business? That’s exactly what the local businesses in your neighborhood are looking for.

It’s time that you got in touch with them and let them know how they massively benefit from their partnership with your business. That’s the first step that will help you real-estate business reach the top of the food chain?

Well, then!

What are you waiting for?

Equip Pro Local SEO Strategy TODAY!