Unique Residential Interior Design Trends 2020 for Homeowners to Choose From

Homeowners want their homes to look like a million-dollar home! But they might not want to spend that amount of money on their interior design and décor. An aesthetic home décor keeps one in a good state of mind. Our surroundings do have an impact on our minds. And that’s why the global interior design experts have come up with design trends that are simple to execute and yet, high on aesthetic value.

Are you planning for a home renovation in 2020? If yes, you can start browsing through a few design elements. So, once the pandemic gets over, you can start with your home renovation project. To know more about this, you can check out Cox Jones Interiors in Birmingham

That aside, some of the home interior design elements for 2020 are:

1. In-built seating

You must have come across homes with a window-side perch, that provides a great view. If you love reading books, it’s a perfect corner for you to customize for your house this year. The seating element adds character to the entire room. Also, it’s an interesting space-saving process. You can experiment with this fun architectural design elements this year. 

2. The dusty green sophistication

People thought classic blue was the shade for 2020! But then there are also the dusty greens you can experiment with. Your pallet can vary from the dark bottle green to the pistachio green. All these muted shades work as an interesting colour pop that adds more variety to the background neutral tones. Olive is one calming green shade that you can use for the bedrooms.

3. The quaint arches

The arches immediately add to the visual appeal of a room! This feature gets used especially for the curved windows and doorways and is reminiscent of the cave houses in Greece. So, all those who want to bring home a Grecian element can opt-in for this. The pared-down treatment is clean-lined and seamless and doesn’t have excessive ornate details. You can start by trying out an arched wall mirror and later add other elements if you like it. 

4. Organic shapes

Recently, free-form designs are gaining popularity! However, the leading designers believe that motif designs trend will gain popularity as well. Organic shapes are evident in everything, from table clothes to candles. Abstract designs have a way of attracting people’s gaze and attention. You can work these artworks as rugs, wall covers, sofa covers, and the like. It will add a new-age, urbane sophistication to your house. 

5. Chunky fat furniture’s 

Curvy and chunky shapes added smartly to your living room décor, is a stunner! You can experiment with this form as divans, sofas as well as chairs when you are re-designing the living room space of your house. You can add similar elements in your study as well. Sometimes, these sofas and chairs are available in asymmetrical designs, taking inspiration from the glorious 70s. And when it comes to 2020, round shapes are the new-age right angle. For instance, ivory, an undulating sofa, can give your living room a distinct character.

There are several other exciting home décor patterns that you can choose from. Browse and consult with your interior home decorator to decide on the correct fit, keeping in mind your home dimensions.