Things You Wanted To Learn About Mobile Safety Rails

Fall hazards are common at workplaces, such as construction sites. To reduce this risk, people need to follow OSHA fall protection guidelines that emphasize the need for installing safety equipment like mobile safety rails, and others. Guardrails are simple and easy to use as a fall protection system, whether you need them for rooftops, stairs, gangways, loading sites, etc. You get choices between freestanding and permanent fixtures. If you want to preserve your roof, it is better to go with non-penetrating mobile safety rails. They are efficient fall protection tools for your workers. At the same time, they comply with recommended OSHA standards.

For acquiring more information about them, you can visit website. It will help you obtain insight about the most preferred option. However, before this, you may like to acquaint yourself with certain advantages of the mobile guardrail system. So, here it goes.

Why buy mobile safety rails?

Flexibility and modularity

Because of the non-penetrating trait of this fall protection system, you can relocate it anywhere you desire. The modular mobile railings are convenient to disassemble, move, and reassemble. You can reconfigure them quickly by adding or replacing the piece of the railing. Since the pieces tend to be light-weight, you don’t face any challenge with shifting them. You don’t even have to worry about their installation. The cast iron base that supports this structure doesn’t need drilling for attaching to the roof.

OSHA compliance

The OSHA compliant designs make them a trustworthy and reliable choice. They are large, fixed rails that tend to be extremely mobile. Due to this, you can adjust them in any place as the building work advances. Plus, these are usually yellow color items. This color gets a high preference for its visibility and enhanced safety. Another thing about them is their tolerance for wind.

What to know about guardrails?

When it comes to fall protection equipment, guardrails prove to be the best solution from different aspects. These are usually less pricey compared to other fall arrest systems. They don’t involve any complicated installation process, due to which employees get more time to focus on the other areas. As far as their utility goes, everyone knows these systems are relatively easy to use. With other safety systems, workers have to take care of many things. They need body harness, shockproof lanyard, SRL, and other features to ensure their safety on the roof. But these don’t involve so many troubles while providing the highest protection.

So, if you were wondering about investing in a smart piece of fall arrest system, you can think about the freestanding safety roof guardrail that follows OSHA industry regulations. Their light-weight structure enhances the portability factor. Since they are a temporary fixture, you can shift them from one point to another at the construction site. Besides, the yellow color of the equipment is another highlight that lends it more visibility.

Guardrails seem to be the most preferred fall protection system compared to others. If you wish to enhance the safety and security of your workers and the site itself, it will be best to focus on this choice.