Things You Need to Know When Charged with Criminal Domestic Violence

Facing a criminal charge even for a trivial matter, can be overwhelming. It is understandable what will happen if you or your dear one has to deal with a domestic violence case. The reputation can be at stake; the police can arrest and put you behind bars until the court hearing. At the same time, you may not have permission to meet anyone from your home. In Ohio, earlier boyfriends and husbands faced these charges. Now, girlfriends and wives are also suffering the same fate.

Hence, it is necessary to obtain information about domestic violence charges in your place to keep yourself safe from such a situation.  If you live in Springfield, Clark County, in Ohio, you can find this information useful.

A conviction for domestic violence

You can call a strict penalty upon you if domestic violence charges get established against you. It will fall into the category of either felony or misdemeanor. You can face imprisonment and hefty fines, firearm restrictions, social backlash and reputation damage, loss of employment, restrictions on access to professional licenses and child’s custody, etc.

If this is the first time any such charges have come up, the police can arrest you on the grounds of a misdemeanor of the first degree. In some cases, it can be less severe, also involving a fourth-degree misdemeanor charge. However, if the victim has suffered grave injuries, it can be a case of a felony regardless of whether it was your first time. A criminal proceeding will determine your release or ongoing penalty.

Domestic violence bail bonds

As mentioned, there can be a court trial after the police arrest you. You have to appear before a judge as per the law. The charges can begin as misdemeanors and end up being felony depending on the condition of the victim, level of brutality, and the past criminal record of the convict. At the same time, the judge can pass protection orders, requiring the accused to maintain distance from the victim in question. The court may grant bail, but it can be too stiff amounting to the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. The judges pay utmost importance to public safety when demanding such bonds.

Since it can be out of reach for you due to your financial condition or current circumstances, you can consider contacting a credible bail bonds company in Ohio. You can get in touch with Castle Bail Bonds Clark County, for example. They can post the bail on your behalf to help you release from jail. Once you are out, you can follow with your lawyer to understand the right steps.

Just remember, posting bond is essential. So, by chance, if you get arrested, your first focus should be on arranging this. You cannot achieve much from behind bars. With an experienced agency, you will not have to take care of this matter. They will handle the entire process. Read their terms and conditions of the service, though. It is essential to know what you sign up for and why.