Some Tips For Choosing Bookmakers

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Nowadays, there are quite many bookmakers operating in the UK both online and as land-based betting shops. It creates competition, which forces sports betting sites to offer favourable terms of cooperation, bonus programmes, and enhanced odds. Sometimes you can get lost in such a variety of different options.ย 

Some expert platforms, such as Legalbet analyse bookmakersโ€™ operations and offer you the most important facts and aspects to compare.ย  All of these can help you to make an informed choice. But, of course, it is you who is making the choice, so you have to consider some significant aspects.

What to Look for When Choosing a Bookmaker?

If you want to find a perfect betting platform, then you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Licence availability;
  • Choice of sports and bets;
  • Bonus programmes;
  • Payment systems;
  • Odds.

Each aspect is of particular importance, so discussing them in more detail is necessary.

Licence Availability and Reputation

Only licensed bookmakers can operate in the UK. Government agencies monitor only proven platforms that have received permission to work in the country. Please give preference to bookmakers that have received a licence in the UK. The most stringent requirements for data verification, transactions, and account security apply here. However, bookmakers that have received licences in other jurisdictions are also legal. A  list of reliable bookmakers you will be able to find at Legalbet.UK which provides a lot of useful information about UK bookies.

Choice of Sports and Bets

Today in the UK, you can find major international bookmakers who strive to offer their users more sports (up to 40) and bets (up to 150). It allows you to maximise your customer base with users who want to bet on rare sports, such as curling or surfing.

However, there is also an extensive list of bookmakers that offer to bet on a limited number of the most popular sports – football, horse/dog racing, and polo. But on these betting sites, you will find a guarantee of the best odds.

Separately, it should be said that Esports has gained great popularity today. Every year more and more people begin to follow such competitions, and soon their number may approach the number of football fans.

Bonus Programmes

Bookmakers strive to develop generous bonus programmes to compete for customers’ attention. Among the most popular are those for new customers (welcome bonuses), and those for existing customers, such as:

  • Loyalty programmes;
  • Weekly bonuses
  • Refund if and many others.

Most often, you can receive bonuses as free bets, though cash payments are also possible.

Good bonus programmes allow you to minimise the level of risk.

Payment Systems

The more payment systems bookmakers use, the better. It will give users more options to deposit or withdraw money. Among the most popular payment systems are:

  • Neteller;
  • PayPal;
  • PaySafeCard;
  • Visa and Mastercard.

In addition, you need to look at the minimum deposit amount in advance. Usually, it is about ยฃ10 pounds. It is also worth paying attention to the maximum withdrawal limit. 


The main thing is to make sure that the bookie offers good odds for those sports that interest you. Unfortunately, bookmakers cannot offer guarantees of the best odds for all sports. Otherwise, they will all go broke. However, if you find a platform that offers the best deals on your favourite competitions, it will add some thrill to your favourite hobby.

Which Platforms Meet These Requirements?

We have analysed all the platforms and selected a list of bookmakers that deserve your special attention. Among them are:

  • Betfred;
  • 10bet;
  • Star Sports;
  • BoyleSports;
  • 888Sports.

Each platform has a good reputation, good bonus programmes for both categories of users, and a large selection of payment systems.