Some Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Upholstery Cleaning

Some Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Upholstery Cleaning

The beauty of your house consists of graceful furnishings, classic furniture, modish walls and plush upholstery! Even if any one of these areas are lacking in their aesthetic beauty, your home starts looking dull and gloomy! Whether it’s a dirty looking curtain or dilapidated furniture or a huge spot on your upholstery, the impact of these directly fall on the oomph factor of your home decor. That is why a constant attention on every aspect of your interior, keeping them intact and up to date is necessary if you desire a home that looks absolutely picture perfect! 

The question that arises here is how often do you need to get your upholstery and home decor items cleaned? The best advice most of the home experts would give you is to get your home furnishings and furniture like carpets, rugs cleaned by cleaning services providing rug cleaning in Brisbane quarterly. But most of us tend to ignore this task or cannot manage enough time for it, but as you will see at wtf facts, there are many ways to get things done in a timely fashion.

Lesser known facts about upholstery cleaning:

You definitely do your homework well when you buy a leather lounge or get an attractive fabric for your throw pillows. But when cleaning those comes, the times when upholstery cleaning shouldn’t be missed at all, you often go kaput. In this negligence, you would most probably miss the desired session of cleaning and the consequences following it are often unpleasant. Read about those ignored facts about your upholstery cleaning below: 

  • Your upholstery needs cleaning when you buy it — Did you know — a brand new sofa set or a chair requires thorough cleaning when you buy it and place it in your home? That’s because when the upholstery leaves the manufacturers place, they use a lot of chemicals on it for the outgassing process. If this chemical stays on your upholstery, this can lead to lots of allergies, chemical reactions to kids and pets and even cause severe headache complaints. To get rid of these chemicals, a complete cleaning of the upholstery should be done. If you are aware of a proper cleaning procedure, you can do the same — or better, call for professional help! 
  • Spilled liquids need deep cleaning — If there’s a spill on the sofa, or a pet has peed, then you have got a huge task in hand. This can be only dealt with experienced professional upholstery cleaning in Brisbane like Absolute Carpet Cleaning, who can deeply clean your upholstery, and make sure the material is shining and absolutely clean again. If you aren’t cleaning it properly and ignoring the need for the same, you’ll soon have your lounges stinking like rotten egg and looking patched with dark stains. 
  • Different materials require different types of care — If you think all the upholstery can be dealt with in the same way, and then you aren’t aware of upholstery cleaning much! Actually, different materials that you chose for your lounges or sofa require different type of cleaning and caring. Like, a leather lounge needs cleaning with mild liquids followed by conditioning, while a nylon fabric would need a slightly hard cleaning agent and can do good even without a conditioner. So, if you think you can look after your leather just as you cared for your velvet upholstery, then you need to do a little (read: a lot) more research on this matter! 
  • Cleaning isn’t just limited to stains and solids — Most of us won’t even think of upholstery cleaning unless we get a glimpse of a large stain on the furniture or there’s something really messy on it that made it dirty. But your upholstery calls for cleaning almost daily because the unnoticeable pet hair and air pollutants settle on them. This is something that can’t be seen by naked eye, but can cause a lot of issues to your health. And those settled particles are enough to wear your upholstery fabric in the near future! You can simply deal with it by a regular or daily vacuuming done thoroughly! 

Upholstery cleaning is slightly more complex than cleaning the rest of your furniture! It’s because you have to think of the fabric staying intact, as well as clean it thoroughly. And most of the times, the above pointers about its cleaning aren’t known by many, and thus issues arising due to the lack of knowledge have often caused a lot of efforts (or the lack of it) going haywire too.