Small Business Marketing Hacks that EJ Dalius Recommends For All

Small businesses would do good to focus on some digital marketing hacks that are effective and affordable. Small business owners with ambitions of growing their business often find marketing as a stumbling block because of the high cost that they are unable to afford. But luckily, digital marketing has provided several low-cost marketing techniques that are quite effective that small business owners can take advantage of.  Often the limited resources of small businesses make digital marketing appear a daunting venture, but the ground reality is just the opposite.  Eric J Dalius, who had a successful marketing career spanning a few decades, have seen the digital revolution unfold and hassuccessfully, helped many small businesses to make a transition to online marketing.  Interestingly, for many companies, it was the first time that they implemented marketing, which till then had remained out of bounds for them.

Small businesses can find enormous growth opportunities in the digital realm. Small businesses can use the digital route to liberate themselves from the physical confines without spending vast amounts on marketing. Despite being cheaper and affordable than traditional advertising and marketing, implementing digital marketing strategies is fraught with challenges. However, there are some cost-effective and simple marketing strategies that small businesses can adapt after going through this article.

A level playing field for all as perceived by EJ Dalius

The biggest gift of the internet is that it has provided a level playing field for all sizes of businesses, and this allowed small businesses to take on the big players, which was otherwise unthinkable. Indeed, money does have a role in enhancing the gains, but that small businesses get ample opportunity for marketing is a huge advantage that every business owner must make use of. All that they must do is to strategically employ the right tricks to carve a place of their own in the intensely competitive space. 

They must focus on social media, take advantage of search engines, and explore other digital media and platforms to create marketing strategies that assure proper return on investment (ROI).

Here are some tips that small businesses can use to start their digital marketing campaign.

Look for partnerships to expand the market reach

According to Eric Dalius, small businesses can exploit the strength of aggregators to reach the market instead of spending their own money. Being a part of as many aggregators as possible should be the aim of small businesses, regardless of the type of business, because it opens a lot of options to reach out to customers. If yours is a restaurant business, then tying up with several aggregators will create several channels of acquiring new customers.

Another way to take the brand to the masses is to become a reseller of some e-commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, etc. that provides a cost-effective means of marketing products without implementing any marketing campaign on your own. 

Build a website

Creating a website is a must because it becomes the online identity of your business.  It is now easy to create websites all by yourself by using WordPress or Shopify because the process is so much user-friendly that it takes only about 10 minutes to create a website even without having any knowledge about coding or any other technicalities. Choose an SEO friendly theme and follow the instructions to create your website. Although it might sound a bit unbelievable that you can do it without involving a web designer, but it is how it happens nowadays.  Make the website attractive, speedy, and highly functional to support your endeavors of making the best commercial use of the website.

Implement local SEO

To augment your marketing efforts by using the platforms of aggregators, you must implement local SEO so that people can find your business quickly when they search for it online. Since most local buyers search online for products and services, having a local SEO helps your business to gain prominence by appearing in the search results on the first page. A primary requirement to do well in local SEO is to list your business in major directories like Google My Business, Yelp, Yahoo, etc. It not only creates new channels for the audience to find you but also lends more credibility that paves the way for closer engagement that generates positive business results. 

Build your social media presence

The best part of social media is that it allows extensive networking for free that small businesses should use to its advantage. Being creative and working hard is the secret of succeeding in engaging with the target audience on social media channels. The number of followers and likes on social media is like votes that add to the reputation of your business. Since you are using social media to engage with the audience, you must create business profiles on the channels that your audience spends most of the time and integrate different media to derive maximum mileage for your marketing campaign. To generate engagement, you must be active across the channels and devote enough time to interact with the audience and build relationships that payback by generating business revenue.


Include content marketing as part of your digital marketing campaign to use its immense power in connecting with the audience and engagement. To prove that you are a well-wisher of your customers and prospects and project your identity as an authoritative resource before they keep publishing high-quality content regularly. You can educate them, provide guidance and solutions as well as valuable tips that they find exceptionally useful and consider you as a reliable resource.  The content must be relevant and valuable to the audience by conveying some value for which it requires some proper research to understand the psyche of the audience that helps to create appropriate content. learn investing in a professional graphic designer.

Blogs are the best weapon in your armory to demonstrate your authority that builds trust and drives more traffic to your website. It allows you to market your products by building relationships instead of trying to sell products or services directly.

The marketing techniques described here are well-proven, and you must adhere to the best practices for the best results.