Small Business Digital Marketing Channels – Top Recommendations by Marketing Pundit EJ Dalius

Regardless of whether a business operates as a brick-and-mortar store or online, the internet-connected world of today has made it essential for it to have a strong online presence for driving sales and profits. This is true for businesses of all sizes, however, for a small business, it is even more critical. Some top digital marketing channels for small businesses described:

Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is very handy for driving organic traffic from search engines to your website. It involves a large number of on-page and off-page optimizations that make the website rank high in the search engine results page for target keywords used by search engine users. The additional visibility prompts a larger number of clicks on the URL driving more customers to the website. Proper keyword research, engaging content, and a website that loads quickly are prerequisites. Local SEO can assist local businesses to target customers to drive footfalls to their physical stores.

Search Engine Marketing

Unlike SEO that relies on driving traffic to the website by better search page rankings, SEM involves using paid advertising on search engines that are displayed contextually when users search for something relevant on the search engine. Advertisers pay only when a user clicks on the advertisement, which means that they can control their advertising budgets to a high degree and ensure there is no wastage. Eric J Dalius recommends SEM as it is very effective because businesses can place their advertisements in front of customers who are in a buying mode.

Social Media Marketing 

Given the huge popularity of social media, businesses must have a vibrant presence on the social networks preferred by their customers. Businesses can leverage social media to increase their brand awareness in a very cost-effective way. Further, by posting valuable content and engaging with followers, they can create more goodwill and credibility that will help conversions. EJ Dalius suggests on, that businesses must be consistently active on the chosen social media networks to promote engagement and build effective relationships.

Email Marketing Delivers a Big Punch, Says Eric Dalius

Email marketing comprises sending newsletters containing useful content and promotional offers to customers who have subscribed through an opt-in process. Email marketing offers opportunities for customizing the contents of the email according to the interests and buying behavior of the recipient, which increase the chances of conversions significantly. Despite having been around for long, email marketing remains the most cost-effective digital marketing channel with an ROI of as high as 4200%.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating content that is relevant and valuable to the target audience of a business and making it available through various channels of communication like websites, blogs, white papers, social media. The purpose of content marketing is to build brand awareness, credibility, and domain authority for driving conversions. Businesses use content marketing to inform, engage, and entertain their target audiences to promote brand loyalty.


Small businesses looking to build brand presence and generate traffic for conversions will find using these digital marketing strategies useful. Regardless of whether you use some or all of them, you should conduct adequate target audience research to be able to target them better with custom messaging.


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