Should You Repair Your Gainesville Roof, Patch, or Replace Your Roof in Gainesville, FL

On seeing some damage to the roof, the first thing that crosses your mind is how bad the damage is and whether repairing it would suffice, or it would require a roof replacement.  You are not alone facing such a dilemma as countless people go through the same experience. If you have been taking good care of your roof with periodical inspection, the chances are that the damages would be minimal. So repairing it would be good enough to restore the roof to its normal condition, say the experts at Roofing Gainesville FL โ€“ Energy Roofing Contractors Gainesville. However, if you had been negligent in looking after the roof properly, not only the damages would be deep, but it would also burn holes in your pocket as you might have to replace the roof.

Avoiding or delaying roof replacement is the goal of every homeowner due to the high cost and a lot of inconveniences they face during the project. Still, there are times when it becomes unavoidable. To determine if it is time for roof replacement, you must first try out a few repair options, which, if it fails or seems not feasible, that you can go for roof replacement.

Replacing damaged shingles

How bad the roof damage is will determine if repairing will work. If you find only a few damaged shingles and there is no sign of damage to the roof deck or structure, you can replace the shingles and move ahead.  The replacement will restore the aesthetics, and the functionality of the roof and the roof should last for a few decades (25-30 years), which is the average life of asphalt roofs. Some modern roofing designs can ensure that the roof lasts for the duration of your home. Only a professional roofer or roofing expert can determine the exact nature of the damage and recommend the right action. Damaged shingles do not pose a serious threat unless there are leaking problems that you can prevent with your timely work for replacing the shingles.

Patching damaged areas

It is natural that to avoid the massive cost of replacement, and homeowners would like to see if some patchwork of the damaged part of the roof can set things right. They might even think about providing a roof to envelop the damaged roof that is less costly than roof replacement.  But only a roofing expert can tell whether the patchwork will work or not. In addition to the nature of the damage, the roof’s age is also a factor to consider if roof replacement is necessary. If the roof has reached near the end of its life, replacing it is a better option.

Water damages that refuse to go

Water causes the most damage to roofs, and if you detect small holes and cracks in the roof but no signs of water seepage through the roof, repairing should work. Are there signs of water damage visible inside the building on walls at some places and the ceiling? Then it shows that either the repairing did not work, or some new damage has developed.

In such cases replacing the roof is the only way to have a safe and secure roof above your head.