Preparing for Microsoft MD-100 Exam: Ultimate Secret to Passing It and Why Practice Tests Are Essential

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Exams are known to be challenging to everyone including the most prepared candidates. That’s why you will find that there are those who pass while others fail. This means there must be something extraordinary that those candidates who perform exemplary in the exams do that the others don’t. But what exactly is this? In this guide, we crack the secret to passing the Microsoft Certbolt MD-100 exam so that you won’t have to worry anymore about passing it with flying colors. We’ll share with you stunning tips, including using practice tests, to help you make the most of your prep time. We hope you’re ready to walk with us all the way. To begin, we cover the exam’s details. Let’s get going! 

Test MD-100 Details

This exam targets desktop administrators who do administration services on the Windows 10 platform. They need to pass AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification to show they have the capacity to manage identity, policies, access, updates as well as apps. Once they pass this assessment, they have to take MD-101 so that they can possess the Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification. When it comes to MD-100 details, this exam carries 40-60 questions to be done in 150 minutes. The exam may have challenges in the form of such formats as review screen, short answer, multiple choice, best answer, and build lists among others. Examinees must get marks starting from 700 points and need to pay $165 as Microsoft Certifications Questions . But accomplishing the stipulated marks won’t be easy unless you utilize the tips we provide next. Let’s check them out.

Tips for Passing Exam MD-100

By following the right path during your prep, you give yourself the best chance to reach the requisite test marks. Use the following tips to achieve great results in your MD-100 assessment:

  • Begin by learning about the exam’s objectives and formats expected to appear. These details are available on the vendor’s exam page. Also, practice tests come in handy when you wish to learn more about the forthcoming test and its structure Click Here .
  • Organize your study place and dispose of all clutter. Also, ensure you have the best lighting and that you find a comfortable chair and table!
  • Design a study plan and follow it without fail.
  • Stay away from distractions and keep your mind focused on what’s at hand. This ensures that you utilize the time you have efficiently.
  • Sign up for an MD-100 exam-training course from Microsoft, the official vendor of this test. You can also enroll for online free courses and two paid instructor-led ones.
  • Learn from professionals and other students preparing for the Microsoft MD-100 exam. This is possible by joining study groups and discussion forums.
  • As you learn, consolidate your expertise using practice tests. This tip cannot be overemphasized. More often, candidates who have used this approach have testified about the helpfulness of practice tests or previous exam questions when preparing for their IT exams. So, you can depend on them to pass your test, too.
  • Utilize exam Certbolt AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Certification Exam . Besides learning courses, Microsoft has created official test prep materials that include study guides. You can obtain the Exam Ref MD-100 Windows 10 by Andrew Bettany and Andrew Warren from Amazon.


Sometimes the thought of passing an exam may sound impossible. But what you need to know is that you can do it if you follow the tips we have shared. As long as you don’t forget to use practice tests during preparation, Certbolt MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Exam is a piece of cake for you to pass today. Just do your bit by pushing yourself smarter and harder and you’ll achieve your goal!