New Service with Flyers and Discounts Launched in the U.S.

American customers have a lot of opportunities to save on their weekly shopping. Rabato, a platform offering a collection of deals from numerous retailers, is a universal destination for the thrifty. It supplies users with all the relevant offers and discounts from famous brands.

No longer do you need to clutter your inbox with dozens of emails from different stores. With, saving is much easier. All the updates are neatly packed into a single newsletter. And if you follow the company on social media, you will have them delivered right to your newsfeed.

Competitive Advantage

Most of the sites providing special deals from retailers have narrow specialization. Rabato pursues a comprehensive approach, covering the most popular categories from groceries to furniture to electronics.

On Rabato, you can look through a broad selection of top consumer goods available at slashed prices. The catalog takes you straight to the online stores, where you can place your order for delivery or pick-up.

Currently, the site includes discounts from these categories:

  • Groceries,
  • Electronics,
  • Household goods,
  • Electronics,
  • Medicine,
  • Sports equipment,
  • Furniture.

This approach ensures every user can easily find a deal valuable to them. There are hot offers for every taste and need, from yogurts to electric screwdrivers. Most importantly, all these weekly deals may be accessed from a single source.

Service Useful for Everyone

Consumers are always hunting for bargains. In fact, they prefer saving to spending, as has been shown by the Business Insider. This is perfectly normal behavior, as discounts allow us to spend less money and utilize our family budget wisely. The main challenge has always been to catch the most valuable offers as they appear.

Large retail chains, for example, launch deals early in the morning, and not just on Black Friday. Hence, if you only show up in the evening being blissfully unaware, all the items may be gone. With Rabato, keeping track of superb deals requires little effort. All you need to do is enter your email and look through the updates delivered by email like clockwork.

How It Works

You can browse the Rabato deals from any device with access to the Internet. Whether it is a smartphone or a laptop, the website is optimized for any operating system. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will find all the juicy weekly flyers and ads in your mailbox.

For example, Target, Kohl’s, and Walmart are among the most popular retail chains. The website shows all their current offers and connects you to their digital catalogs. You could either browse the website when you like, scan the regular newsletter for best deals, or follow the company’s social media accounts. Smartphone notifications will inform you of fresh deals instantaneously.

User-friendly Interface

The new platform is easy to navigate, and the layout is logical. The menu is well-structured to help you find the necessary brand quickly and effortlessly. Convenience and customer satisfaction are priorities for Rabato.


The next time you fill in your shopping list, be sure to check the hottest offers on Rabato first. In addition to staying informed of the deals, you may choose to buy online, saving both time and money.