Luxury Romance – Creative Ways To Offer One’s Hand

Luxury Romance - Creative Ways To Offer One's Hand

Put a ring in a glass of champagne

What else is the better way to celebrate something, may it be a promotion or an occasion than a glass of champagne? Do you think an engagement ring will also look fantastic inside of it? Well, it sure does! As sparkling as the moment of the proposal should be, this idea of asking her to marry you will surely put a spark on her eyes while saying the magic answer, “YES”! Let her think that it’s another ordinary dinner with her favorite flavor of champagne. And just before the night gets going, right before sipping the whole of it, she will see right through her eyes, the shining shimmering ring inside her glass. What a lovely moment that could be until you make it better by kneeling down before her asking to be with you, forever!

Put a ring in the food

Marriage proposals have gone a long way since the beginning of time. If you and your other half are food lovers, it’s definitely a good idea to ask her hand over some good, delicious food you both crave for. Sticking a ring inside a huge burger patty, mixing it with the pasta and it’s a sauce or including it with her favorite ice cream flavor in a cone. There’s so much food to choose from, you just have to be careful she does not eat it all! Other people may not find it a good idea but well, we all have our own ways to determine whether it is or it isn’t. This one seems to be basic but you can always think outside of the box to add some spice to make this proposal a romantic one.

Deliver the ring by another person

People commonly think that an engagement ring should be handed over straight by the man proposing. Not for some though. Other men want to make sure that their soon to be wife will not have any idea as to when the proposal will happen. They would rather want the ring to be given by another person to show some element of surprise. These men probably don’t want to get caught preparing for one great event of their lives. Having said so, men have to see to it that when that other person deliver the ring, they are there waiting to kneel down right in from of the girl and ready to ask the question. And wait, here’s something you need to remember; get someone you trust the most to deliver the gift, just to make sure it gets to your fiance’ to be and don’t waste a single penny. You can trust and buy engagement rings before making a proposal.

Accidental discovery

There are a lot of funny yet romantic ways to ask your girl’s hand. If you want to be out of the ordinary while making it candid and straight forward as possible, better try to do it in a way that she herself would discover your plan. See what it mean? A very unexpected moment when your girlfriend is with her “woke up like this” look, she would accidentally see that box of ring somewhere she usually gets something from every morning. It would definitely ball her eyes out. Be observant too! There are cases when other girls would still pretend they did not see anything, so it’s up to you how you can move it to the next level. You can probably have yourself caught sending a photo of the engagement ring to someone while she’s sitting next to you. So when she sees it, catch her with a question to marry you. Being her partner, only you can know what she prefers so better get your instinct working!

Make sure to choose the place that means a lot for you both

Are there really best places to where proposals should happen? Yes, there are recommended romantic places around the world or even just where the couples live. For a lot of people, asking their partner the question should happen at the right time and the perfect place. This is why the location of the proposal is sometimes as important as the wedding itself. The truth of the matter is, regardless if there’s a list or a guideline in choosing the place to be, the most important thing you should bear in mind is to make sure that this place is somewhere that means so much to you both. This is going to be a moment only you two would remember forever. Make it sentimental and choose that destination that brings excitement to the both of you. So if you are getting the proposal ready, pick wisely and don’t forget to get engagement photos while you’re there, wherever it may be.