Introduction to Blackjack – Derived from the 17th Century in France

Introduction to Blackjack - Derived from the 17th Century in France

Casino games tend to fall into one of two categories games of chance and games of skill. Blackjack is actually a game of skill, and players need to use strategies to win the game. You will find most online casinos offering blackjack as one of their table games. In some cases, you play against the computer, in live stream blackjack there is a dealer on hand, and it is as close to being in a real casino as you can get. Blackjack is a card game, and if you have never heard of it before here is an introduction to get you started.

A Long History 

If you know that the other name for blackjack is 21, then you may have heard of it. It is thought that the game was derived in the 17th century in France. Over the years the rules have been tweaked and modern blackjack as we know it seems to be an evolution of the 19th century brought over to casinos in New Orleans by French immigrants. It was then given the name blackjack because the highest scoring winning hand features the Jack of spades (or a black Jack) and the Ace of spades

How to Play

Blackjack is a game played against the casino, so the object is to hold cards in your hand that total a greater number than the cards held by the dealer but do not go over the crucial number of 21. In a traditional card deck, the Ace, King, Queen and Jack are given a number, and every other card uses the number it is already assigned. Ace cards are the only cards that have two values and can be counted as one or 11 to suit the player. The King, Queen and Jack, all count as ten and this is not negotiable. So easily you can see that having one Royal card and an ace gives you an unbeatable total of 21 in two cards. 

However, as previously mentioned if you happen to have the Jack and Ace of spades you have the highest scoring round any other combination of Royal and Ace defers to this. Generally, this means that when a player is dealt the first two cards, they will have a total of 21 or less. it is impossible to go bust on dealing, because even if you receive two aces you can simply count them as one. So, if it is less, a player must decide whether they are going to stick or twist and take another card which clearly could cause them to go bust. This is where the ace comes in useful as it can be counted as a one to bring the overall total down. But the player who has 21 in the least number of cards is going to win over someone who has three or four cards to make the total. The game is immediately won if one player goes over 21; it then makes no difference what the other has, assuming they are under 21 they have still won.

Counting Cards

In a real casino environment, the best way to beat the house in any game where it is possible, is to count cards. This requires a rapid brain to keep track and remember what cards have already been played and therefore what is likely to come out of the pack next. When playing at a casino table, the deck of cards is used for the duration, so each time the round ends those cards are moved to the side, and new cards are dealt from whatever remains. Therefore, if you can count cards and have a good memory, you can quickly begin to factor your choices based on what is left in the pack.

Online Blackjack 

It is a little harder to employ any tactics on the blackjack table when you are playing online. All Internet casino games are required to use a thoroughly tested random number generator. If you are playing in a live casino environment, traditional casino rules will be used, and the pack will remain in play, so in theory card counting is possible there. But when you are just playing against the computer in a graphics-based game, every turn will be drawn from a full deck of 52 cards. Live casino games are interesting because they feature a live stream of a professional croupier standing at a blackjack table. These staff members play the game with however many players are online at the time as if they were one to one at the blackjack table.

If you are just interested in playing blackjack as a game of chance and enjoy placing a bet on the outcome, there is no requirement for skill. There are just a few tricky decisions to be made if you are holding a number of say 17, are you going to push your luck and take another card or are you going to stick and hope it’s enough? For card counters, a live casino is as close to a real environment as you can get, and generally, with blackjack, the house edge is relatively low. This means players get an excellent return to player rate, and one of the reasons why both live blackjack and computer generated blackjack are so popular at online casinos all over the world. If you are completely new to the world of casinos Please ensure that you pick a site that is either very well known or where you can easily find their registration information.