Interior Design Tips – How to Get the Right Kitchen Cabinetry

The functionality of a kitchen depends not only on the selection of equipment and appliances. It also depends on its fixtures and layout and on the cabinets, which form the backbone of kitchen. To get the most from the kitchen by making proper use of the space a lot depends on the cabinetry configuration and you must know what kind of cabinet would be most suitable for your purpose. Hanging and base cabinets are the two types of kitchen cabinets. The focus is more on base cabinets because often homeowners are ready to sacrifice the hanging cabinets to incorporate aesthetic features like dramatic backsplashes and windows to create a more open atmosphere that brings in a more living room like appeal.

When remodeling your kitchen, the choice is between engaging professional kitchen cabinet installation and renovation services and doing it by yourself, which is not difficult if you have the skills and tools required for the project. Which one would be better for you depends not only on your abilities but also on the design of the cabinet and the installation method.

Wall cabinets

Wall cabinets are the best choice to maximize the kitchen space because it makes use of the vertical space that does not have any meaningful use with the work carried out in kitchens. You can install wall cabinets to use the vertical space for storing sparingly used cookware and serving ware. Another option is to have the floor to ceiling wall cabinets that create an accent wall and the space to store everything from appliances to cookbooks.

Plywood is the most preferred material for wall cabinets, and you must keep away from using particle boards or melamine that no one likes. Plywood cabinets have good resale value besides as well as longevity which make it attractive.

Cabinet style

The finish of the cabinet depends on the overall interior décor, but going by the trend, if you want rich, dark finishes, then cherry wood is the choice. Other exotic finishes that replicate the looks of mahogany, sapele, bamboo is also feasible. For sleek looks, you can have it lacquered or stained. Textured looks are the in-thing as glazed cabinets are making a gradual exit, and for a more natural look, you can opt for wood grain peeking through brushed finishes.


To maximize the storage space, you can cut down on the traditional cabinet frame and instead choose frameless cabinets that resemble European style. The offices must have soft, close-on drawers and be careful about selecting the right hinge that helps to achieve the desired function. If the cabinet model does not have the special hinge, you must pay extra for getting it done. Touchless cabinets are the latest trend that is slowly catching up with high chances of going mainstream within a few years. These cabinets most suit recycling/waste drawers by adding more convenience in operation.

Pay attention to the hardware that contributes to the aesthetics by maintaining uniform gaps and provide many organizing solutions that offer more operational convenience.