How to Find the Best Living Place for Students

When the entrance tests were left behind, and the invitation to study warms the soul, there is only one question that is left – where to live? What is better – renting an apartment in the city or a room within the campus? Parents and applicants are at a loss – which is better and more comfortable. So, let’s try to find out the answer to this question.

Advantages of Campus Life

Student life on campus is a striking feature of education that deserves special attention. It doesn’t matter whether the student enters a private university or a state educational institution – a unique atmosphere and comfortable living conditions are available to everyone from the first day. Some are not only beautifully equipped, but also interesting in terms of architecture and have their park, pond, beach, or other natural attractions.

Traditionally, many students choose this particular type of accommodation, and, according to statistics, they do it right. Life on campus is convenient for academic and social activities and includes several advantages. Let us dwell in more detail on the most indisputable ones.

Transport Nearby

Waking up 15 minutes before the classes and be always on time is possible only if a student lives close to the college. Also, libraries, hobby clubs, laboratories, sports centers, and other campus infrastructure are within walking distance. In this case, it is easier to concentrate on studying and avoid long trips, traffic jams, finding a parking place, or additional costs.

Active Student Life

The campus is the epicenter of the vast majority of events taking place in the educational institution. It organizes training, master classes, thematic days, which allows you to adapt to new life quickly. Social opportunities are almost endless.

Real-Time Support

While away from home, students often encounter unusual situations in academic and everyday life. Many students on campus have already experienced similar difficulties and will help. Besides, when you can’t cope with the assignments on time, you can submit an essay order online or ask friends to help. If the situation cannot be resolved on their own, the university support staff will prompt the correct way out.

Comfortable Existence

At first glance, it seems that life off-campus will cost a lot less, but this is not always the case. If you take into account the full costs – rent, deposit, utilities, Internet, insurance, and the possible purchase of furniture – then the sum can be impressive.


It is not necessary; life on campus already implies proximity to inexpensive cafeterias and catering places. However, colleges and universities in the United States also offer special programs where you can pre-pay breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Disadvantages of Life in Campus

In addition to the distinct advantages of living on campus, it will not do without controversial moments that will not appeal to all applicants. They should be taken into account when choosing the final version.

Rules Dependence

Although campus comfort plays a huge role, sometimes it makes you feel too attached to the rules. A life off-campus provides an opportunity to become an adult and immerse yourself in the real world. The children in self-swimming are puzzled by additional duties and, in addition to the academic load, are responsible for paying rent, utilities, purchasing food, and other financial issues.

Higher Cost

The price is set by the university and is not subject to discussion. Renting an apartment, you can always try to reduce your expenses if you spent too much last month.There is no single and correct opinion on the question of what is the best accommodation for students. So, it is important to weigh all the pros and cons before making a final decision.