How Anxiety Can Distract Your Normal Social Lifestyle

How Anxiety Can Distract Your Normal Social Lifestyle

For people that struggle with anxiety, the need to find social connection can cause huge frustration because it takes more effort for them to meet up with and talk to other people.

The truth is, people experience anxiety in many forms and some people seem to get over some of the more challenging aspects of the condition, such as fear of talking to people, but for others, anxiety becomes a reality that they have to live with and find ways to create a healthy, functional life.

We don’t suggest that we have a cure for anxiety, but as you may have come to learn, there are some methods of dealing with anxiety that seem to work for many people, even if they don’t eliminate the condition entirety. Read on to learn more.

What Exactly Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is an abnormal production of stress-causing agents and hormones, which put the body and mind in high-alert, as if a person was in danger. Some people develop anxiety as they go through life, perhaps because of environmental factors, or genetics; and scientists haven’t been able to pin down a specific cause, but some people are born with a higher chance of developing anxiety, especially if one or more parents has struggled with it.

So, some people seem to have it from birth, and often display signs of shyness from an early age. Whatever the cause, it is possible that both genetics and upbringing playback role in how people experience anxiety later on in life.

The common factor among people with anxiety is often a feeling of self-doubt, low self-esteem, and in some of the younger cases, there is a minor issue of identity crisis.

Effects of Anxiety on the Body:

When anxiety strikes, no matter the person, it follows the same pattern. Here’s what happens:

  • Increases your breathing and heart rate
  • Concentrates blood flow to your brain
  • Sends your mind into overdrive
  • Clenching of stomach
  • Blocks energy flow throughout the body
  • Causes sweating

This pattern repeats itself every time and it can be very frustrating as you see your mind (and body) essentially getting away from you, despite your best efforts to stay calm and in control.

For some individuals with extreme forms of anxiety, other effects can include:

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Bowel movement

The effect this has on relationships is terrible and can be the thing that  leads to behaviors such as drug addiction, recklessness, and random, aggressive outbursts. Anxiety can be said to be a serious debilitating disease, for the impact it can have on a person’s social and work life. In addition to reducing productivity, it also limits how far a person may be willing to go in terms of academic pursuits, as well as career. Over a long period, the psychological wear and tear can lead a person down a difficult road, which is why it’s wise to start managing it as soon as you can.

Natural remedies to treat Anxiety:

These remedies are excellent for grounding your body and mind, and may be useful in treating or managing anxiety.

  • Exercise: Use it to build your body as well as your mind, because there is a correlation between what happens in your body and what goes on in the mind. A healthy body will affect the mind more positively, and the opposite is also true.
  • Meditation: Find out the different ways that you can use meditation to calm your mind, raise energy, and move energy through you. Meditation has incredible benefits to your body and mind.
  • Relaxation exercises: Yoga is a wonderful tool for relaxation, however, we don’t insist that you try it to find relief. The trick is to find the thing that makes you happy and calm. Remember when you’re calm, you have higher (and more positive) energy, and when anxious, you have low vibration. So find an activity that you like.
  • Music: Although it’s not for everybody, music has the potential to move you from a low state into a higher state based on how it impacts on your feelings. Use it to relax and to attain a state of “mindfulness”, or more simply, to raise your awareness. (Tip: nature sounds and other meditation music are ideal).
  • Diet: Food plays a role in our mental and emotional lives, and healthy food will make you feel good for longer. Cook whenever you can. It’s actually therapeutic, and may help reduce stress and high blood pressure. As well, the best CBD oil for anxiety available in the marketplace has known benefits too.

Other Treatments for Anxiety

Since you probably know that pills won’t cure your anxiety, it’s time that you started working on a more reliable and lasting solution. The trick is to maintain this elevated, meditative state long enough to allow this process to take place.

Practice these tips every day, and you should start to experience positive change in your life (and a lot less anxiety).