Home Building – A Look At Roofing Estimates And Tips On Hiring A Roofer

Have you have ever repaired or replaced the roof of your home? Then you must have received a bid document from the contractor that will provide details of the estimates and the expenses that you have to incur. However, what you may not know is the type of information that must be present this document. In this article, let us find out more about the following topics, in brief.

  1. Information that must be present in a roofing company’s bid document.
  2. Hiring a roofer – What you must take into account?
  3. Information that must be present in a roofing company’s bid document.

The proposal document from a roofing company will usually differ from one company to another. It can range from a one-page document to one that has several pages. However, often, the bid document will contain information that does not provide the break-up and a ball-park figure instead.

It is your right to get a break-up of the expenses because investing in roof replacement is perhaps one of the bigger investments of a lifetime.

What must be included in a proposal document?

When you receive one such document from the roofer, make sure that the following aspects are available-

  • Date of commencement and completion.
  • How have the duties been assigned among the workforce?
  • Expenses for materials and labor.
  • Cost for removing debris after the construction work is over.
  • License details of the contractor.
  • Type of shingles, underlayment, ventilation, and procedures involved.

The factors mentioned above are the ones that the contractor must “spell-out” in his bid or proposal document. If you happen to approach Roofer Sarasota service provider, you can ask if they deal with these aspects.

Hiring a Roofer – What you must take into account?

Once you are aware of your rights about the information that must be available to you from the contractor, you must also pay heed to a few other aspects.

These are equally essential and will determine how successful the project will be after completion and also whether or not you will get your money’s worth. So, read on for more information on the same.

Pay attention to the following:

Study the nature of the roofer

Often people overlook this aspect. Not many realize that you must find out the nature of the person you are going to deal with. Check his credentials and read through the testimonials.

Is he or she just selling his stuff or genuinely concerned about quality work?

Most importantly, find out while you converse whether he or she is only interested in selling the stuff or believes and emphasizes on quality work. These are the “nonverbal clues” that you must identify.


The type of roofing material you opt for does influence the success of the roofing project no matter how expensive material you use. It will not be worth all the expense if you do not have skilled workers to give shape to the idea.

In a nutshell, it is not just the money that is involved but skill, and the ability of the roofer that counts too.