A Guide in Choosing a Cleo Pedicure Chair for Your Spa Business

A Guide in Choosing a Cleo Pedicure Chair for Your Spa Business

Depending on your target market and preference, you can just put up a salon with basic tools and equipment, focused on providing affordable services or you can take the game to a different level by investing in advanced tools and salon equipment such as a Cleo pedicure chair with awesome features and functionalities. The latter may be costly investments but they have proven to be great in enhancing ROI as customers with the budget would always opt for a highly gratifying, pampering, and luxurious pedicure service.

Once you key in the phrase “Cleo pedicure chair” on your favorite search engine, it will suggest a list of the most popular suppliers and manufacturers in the market. However, that does not automatically equate to them being the best one as some of them may have been investing a lot for search engine optimization without improving the quality of their product. Your selection process need not be complicated, nonetheless. As long as you know the ABCs in choosing the right Cleo pedicure chair for your salon, then you are good to go. This article aims to assist you, on that note.

Things to Remember in Choosing a Cleo Pedicure Chair for your Spa Business

1. Your requirements should be crystal clear.

As mentioned above, your target market and your range of services have a strong say in determining your Cleo pedicure chair requirements. Is your business exclusively offering nail services? Does it aim to accommodate both sexes or are you targeting only working ladies who want to get pampered after hustling from time to time? Questions like this help you identify the real purpose of your pedicure chair investment. By setting your requirements clear, you will be able to enhance your chances of delivering the right service to your customers. For instance, if you are targeting customers who are into girly stuff, you may want to invest in Cleo pedicure chairs with colors that are in line with your salon’s theme. Or you can opt for compact pedicure chairs if your salon is limited in space.

2. If you have the budget, always prioritize quality over quantity.

Admittedly, Cleo pedicure chairs come with quite a hefty price tag but when you invest in it, you surely are going to get what you pay for. In terms of durability and comfortability, however, some Cleo pedicure chair manufacturers are always better than the other. Hence, it is important to research on the quality of each of your options. More often than not, choosing reputable brands like JA USA who are exceptional pedicure chair products will be the best decision you will make as they are the ones who have demonstrably earned their spot in the industry. Although there are cheaper options available, their required maintenance fees may only drain your business’s capital sooner and easier.

3. Prioritize design and comfort. When it comes to Cleo pedicure chairs, you can always have these two great things.

You will come across a plethora of great pedicure chairs in the market today like that from luxurious brands that feature built-in massage, auto-fill, and draining systems. While it is totally right to prioritize comfort and quality to ensure superb customer experience, looking at the aesthetic area is also necessary to ensure that your target customers’ interests are sparked the moment they give a glance onto your salon. On that note, make sure that the colors and designs you pick will be able to capture your target market’s attention and they go well with your salon’s look. For the color of the chair, you can choose between White, Grey, or Mocha, or you can go for fiercer and bolder colors like Burgundy, Bric, Chocolate, Cappuccino, and Black. Meanwhile, for their built-in basins, you can either have a rose gold base with a gold bowl, a chocolate base also with a gold bowl, or a white base with a crystal bowl. If you are targeting working moms as your potential customers, maybe it would be best to go for the latter.

Design and comfort can also be achieved through awesome features. For instance, having a pedicure chair with a side tray that can serve as a cup holder will be a big plus for customers who are coffee lovers. Such a feature can also help prevent boredom throughout the pedicure session. There are also other features like manicure trays and elegant nail technician stools, remote holders, and adjustable footrest to ensure long-lasting the customer’s long-lasting comfort.

4. Your nail technicians matter as much.

There is basically no use in investing in glamorous equipment and salon ambiance if your nail technicians are not keeping up both physically and functionality-wise. They matter just as much. Hence, it would be wise to also invest in stuff that can enhance their look and services such that they will be both presentable and excellent in their jobs. If your target is to provide a five-star kind of service, it should also reflect in your staff.

5. Warranty and technical support are vital factors to take into account.

As Cleo pedicure chairs are hardwired, there are chances of them malfunctioning at some point. This is why you have to decide smart enough to choose the manufacturer with great warranty terms and reliable technical support. This will help minimize downtime that can hamper your services and disappoint your customers.

6. Choose wisely.

Even if you have more than enough budget for your salon revamp, it does not mean it is right to spend it all. As much as possible, go for Cleo pedicure chairs that are cheaper but can offer the same look and quality of service and functionality. Their price today plays around $80 to $8600. How much you spend on a single chair should be decided with basis and intellect.

In terms of technology, a lot of manufacturers today have been producing various pedicure chair variants but the best variants mostly come with features that a Cleo pedicure chair has. Just keep the above mentioned tips in mind and surely you’ll land on the right chair for your spa business.