Freshman First Week Do’s and Don’ts

Freshman First Week Do's and Don'ts

Being a freshman can be confusing. There are so many rules you must respect, it’s crazy. Your first week on the student campus will be exciting but also overwhelming. So, if you’re not prepared to handle things your way, you might freak out. To avoid that, it’s better to know what to do or not to do- this will prepare you for what’s about to follow. 

There are some things you must be aware of from the start, and some you’ll learn along the way. Today, we’re discussing both. Let’s get started. 

Your freshman first week do’s 

  1. Meet as many people as you can, and don’t be embarrassed to show your true colors. Breaking the ice might be hard at first but you have to get used to it. Talk to those people you feel comfortable talking to. Get to know as many people as you can- it’ll help you along the way. Some of the best ways to start a conversation are talking about their background, major of interest, extracurriculars, or the best places they’ve traveled to.
  2. Make friends with your dorm neighbors and roommies. It’s really awkward to walk into your hall and avoid conversation, even as an introvert. Education is not everything-social skills matter. These people will stick around you for a while, whether you like it or not, so get to know them. 
  3. Join new clubs and do exciting things every day. You should be trying something new at least one time per week. You should be excited about exploring new things! Joining new clubs is a great way to meet friends and talk about your passions. Joining a sports team is another exciting way to connect. 
  4. Make class friends as quickly as you can. You never know when they’ll be willing to help you. Be friendly with your classmates and show interest in their personal lives. Of course, don’t fake it! Exchange Instagram accounts and phone numbers; it’s always great to have someone to study with.
  5. Respect your syllabus. This is where your most important class info lays. Your professor is writing the syllabus for a very good reason. Make sure you’re checking it regularly to stay updated. Using your syllabus as a freshman is crucial.
  6. Go to class. Don’t skip class, especially on your first week. This is when you meet your professor, classmates, and get all the necessary information on how the class is going to unfold. Maybe this class is not a good fit for you- how can you know that if you don’t attend?
  7. Take advantage of all the campus amenities. You’re paying serious money to attend this college, so you should be enjoying your perks. Eat as much cafeteria food as you can, study at the library, use the library computers, print for free, and use your school’s counselor!

Your freshman first week don’ts

  1. Do not expect everyone to be your best friend. You’ll meet many people in your journey but talking to them does not equal eternal friendship. Don’t get your hopes up, some of your friends might already have a bestie. That doesn’t mean you can’t, it just means you shouldn’t insist on it.
  2. Don’t forget to relax and buy essay if you need to. You might forget that relaxation is part of your college journey. You don’t have to be stressed out all day. If you cannot finish all of your assignments by the deadline, don’t freak out. You can buy essay online in UK and adjust it later. Prioritize health over anything else. And if you have to buy essay to have enough time to relax, do it. 
  3. Do not join clubs or extracurricular activities because someone tells you to. You should join them because you’re passionate about something or truly want to learn something new.
  4. Don’t be embarrassed to say you’re homesick. It’s the first time in your life when you are far away from home for such a long time. It’s okay to be homesick. You can talk to your new friends about it without worries- if they’re going to make fun of you, they’re never going to be true friends. 
  5. Don’t hesitate to drop classes that don’t fit your needs. If you don’t like or need a class but are enrolled, it’s not too late to drop it. You can add a new one while you’re at it. It’s okay to be undecided when it comes to your college classes- trust me, you’re not the only one.
  6. Don’t be a jerk. Be nice to the people around you, they could be your future work buddies. Also, if your classmates ask you to help them out with something, do it without asking for anything in return. Be kind to people, these things will come back to you.

Wrapping Up

Respecting the do’s and don’ts will help you navigate through your first week of college. Don’t freak out, keep your head high, and smile often. Good luck!