Eric Dalius – How MuzicSwipe Revolutionizes Artist Promotion Techniques


One of the biggest challenges that await you if you’re taking your first steps towards establishing your career as a music artist is having your voice reach the right audience. Most aspiring music artists don’t have the budget to invest in promotional campaigns, and because of this, they often miss out on numerous opportunities that could be the turning point in their musical careers. 

Considering how far technology has come, promoting your music content when you’re low on a budget is not as difficult today as it was about a decade ago. You’ve got Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube at your disposal, where you can upload your content and have the masses listen to it. Despite this, aspiring music artists still find it difficult to promote their content and build a genuinely interested audience. 

This is where MuzicSwipe comes into the picture. MuzicSwipe is a music discovery app that has revolutionized artist promotion techniques big time! It has opened doors to new opportunities and possibilities for music artists of all levels. 

This blog talks about what mistakes aspiring music artists are making and how MuzicSwipe is revolutionizing their promotion techniques.

Common Mistakes That Aspiring Music Artists Make in Promoting Their Content

If you’re an aspiring music artist, consider yourself lucky that you’re stepping into the industry today when promoting your content is so much easier. You can reach millions of listeners through social media alone. But new musicians have got it all wrong. They think all they need to do is make a social media handle and post links to their music content. It’s not that easy!

Promoting your content successfully requires a lot more than just posting links to your social media profiles. If social media hasn’t been too fruitful for you regarding promoting your music content, you must be making some mistakes. 

Let’s see some common mistakes aspiring music artists are making, resulting in them not getting the response they wish for. 

Not Having a Solid Promotion Campaign

Most aspiring musicians don’t know they need a solid promotional campaign planned out. They think simply posting content on social media will get them lots of listeners, but that’s seldom the case. You must have a solid marketing plan to promote your music content on social media platforms. 

Relying on Social Media Only

You can’t deny the potential of social media. There are millions of active social media users, which means you’ve got a potential pool of millions of listeners. For this reason, most new artists rely on social media entirely to promote their music. Social media can get you a good number of listeners, but you shouldn’t depend entirely on it. There’s a world outside of it too!

Not Having an Understanding of the Target Audience

Music preferences are highly personal. The type of music one person likes may not be something another person would enjoy. New artists don’t invest time and effort to understand their target audience and, as a result, fail to establish an active listener base. I

Underestimating the Power of Live Performances 

One of the most common mistakes aspiring music artists make that become a hurdle in their journey is they expect to make money from day 1. If an event host, music promoter, or a private organization asks them to perform live for a minimal amount of money, they straight-up refuse. While it’s great to see your talent in high regard, remember that in your initial days, you got to perform a risk vs. benefit analysis. 

A live performance will allow you to perform live in front of an audience and help others learn about you by word of mouth. Live performances are a form of offline marketing. Combining online and offline marketing is the best approach to promoting your music content.

What is MuzicSwipe and How Does it Fit in Equation for New Artists?

MuzicSwipe is a music discovery app that maximizes artist discovery and helps artists build a reactive audience. It’s unlike any other music platform ever. Unlike other platforms where music content is categorized based on genres, artists, etc., MuzicSwipe is a highly interactive app where listeners tell the app if they like a certain suggestion or not. The app uses the user’s activity trend to suggest more relevant content and gives them a chance to connect with artists they really like!

You may want to know how MuzicSwipe fits into the equation for new artists and helps them in their music journey – well, you’ll be amazed to see what a blessing this app is for new and seasoned music artists alike!

What Makes MuzicSwipe Artist-Oriented?

When we say MuzicSwipe is a blessing for music artists, we mean it! Let’s understand how this app works. It’ll give you a better understanding of what we mean when we say MuzicSwipe is artist-oriented. 

When you download the app, it asks you whether you’re an artist or a fan. Every artist is required to make a profile on MuzicSwipe where they can upload their content. BUT here’s the twist – fans can’t access artists’ profiles just like that. A fan has to really like the artist’s content to be able to access their official profile with their original content. 

Now, what is it that connects the fans and artists if fans can’t access the profile? It’s the 15-second clips!

Every artist can upload 10 clips of 15 seconds. Clips are basically short ‘samples’ of their music. These clips are open to all fans. The artist’s name isn’t displayed with the clips, so the user doesn’t know who the artist behind the clip is. 

When the user listens to a clip, they can either swipe right if they like it or swipe left if they don’t. Based on the right swipes, the app suggests similar clips to the listener. If the listener swipes right to an artist’s clips thrice, the app discloses the name of the artist and gives the listener full access to the artist’s profile, where they’ve got original full-length music. 

This means that every profile follow (or match) that an artist receives is from someone who genuinely likes their content. Swiping right to the same artist’s clips is no coincidence, right? It’s a conscious decision on the listener’s end that ‘yes, I really like this clip!’

How MuzicSwipe Revolutionizes Artist Promotion Techniques?

MuzicSwipe is revolutionizing artist promotion techniques. The question that you may have in mind might be, ‘how?

Gives Access to Millions of Global Listeners

Every clip that an artist uploads on MuzicSwipe has the potential to reach a community of millions of active music fans. Music fans are always looking for good music, and MuzicSwipe is a one-stop shop for music genres. If an artist uploads a music clip and tags the relevant genres, it will show up in the suggestions of everyone who has been engaging with the content of that specific genre. If a listener likes your content, they’ll swipe right. 

Free of Cost Targeted Promotion

Although promoting content on social media doesn’t cost you anything, you’ve got to spend money for a targeted reach. If you want to target a specific audience, you’ll have to run paid ads on Facebook and Instagram. That’s not the case with MuzicSwipe. Content promotion on MuzicSwipe is targeted by default, and it doesn’t cost you anything!

All an artist has to do is tag the right genres on their clips, and that’s it. Only the listeners who are interested in the specific genre will swipe right to an artist’s clips. This means that although the artist’s clips are reaching millions of listeners, every engagement they get on their content is from someone who would like to listen to more of their content. The best thing is that the artist doesn’t have to pay anything to build a reactive fan base. 

Live Music

Another way MuzicSwipe helps artists promote their content is through live music and special events. Most new artists don’t have the budget to host live music events, but MuzicSwipe has changed the game. Now artists can participate in live music and special events hosted by MuzicSwipe, something that they couldn’t do otherwise.

Boosts Exposure

One of the biggest challenges for aspiring music artists is to get themselves noticed among their competitors. The ease of online promotion has enabled more and more music lovers to step into the world of music, which presents a massive challenge for newbies. But MuzicSwipe has sorted this challenge for you. 

Every music artist on MuzicSwipe, big or small, has got an equal probability of being liked or disliked. The listeners don’t know whose content they’re swiping right to. All clips are anonymous. If it was any other platform, some artists might get more engagement than others because of their identity, but that’s not the case on MuzicSwipe. It’s wholly and solely the music content that gets you the right swipes and authentic matches! Since there are no biases involved, artists get to enjoy unbiased and authentic exposure! 

Allows Artists to Produce More Content 

Designing a content promotion campaign requires extensive brainwork for two major reasons. One, if you don’t design your campaign right, you won’t reach your target audience, and two, you’ll lose potential audience to your competitors. Most new music artists don’t have the means to hire professional strategists and planners to design promotional campaigns. Thus they do it all on their own. This leaves them with little time to produce new content. 

Another way MuzicSwipe is revolutionizing the game for music artists is by reducing the amount of brainwork they’ve got to do. Since all an artist is required to do is make good content and tag it with the correct genre tags so that it shows in genre-targeted searches, they can spend maximum time producing music. 

Consistency is the most important thing when you’re promoting your content as a new artist. You’ll soon fall off your fans’ radar if you don’t produce original content regularly. And that’s exactly what MuzicSwipe prevents from happening. MuzicSwipe enables artists to utilize all their time producing content and not worry about promoting it. MuzicSwipe takes care of it for the artists!

Some Tips for Aspiring Music Artists from Eric Dalius 

Eric Dalius, the Executive Chairman of MuzicSwipe, has ensured that the app empowers rising music stars. Most of its features are designed to help new music artists build a genuine and reactive fan base. 

Let’s see what tips Eric Dalius has to give new artists to help them in their music journey. 

Be Authentic 

It’s common for aspiring music artists to get influenced by the content of other well-performing artists. There’s no harm in seeking inspiration, but trying to copy content is just not it. If you want to make a mark and get maximum right swipes to your clips, you’ve got to be authentic. Stay true to your original style and stick to it. If you’re confident about your content and you enjoy making it, you’ll attract listeners. The journey may be slow, but your growth will sustain. 

Stay Consistent 

Consistency is the key to success. You may not feel encouraged to produce new music if you aren’t getting as many right swipes as you hoped for. But if you love your content, keep producing your best content regularly. Don’t lose hope. 

Final Words

MuzicSwipe is a game-changer when it comes to providing music artists with a platform to promote their content. An artist only has to produce original content without worrying about money or designing a promotion strategy. It’s the easiest way for artists to build a genuine and reactive fan base. The best thing about MuzicSwipe is that all the clips are anonymous, which gives artists from less popular races an equal opportunity to build an audience based solely on their content. 

With MuzicSwipe, aspiring music artists can get the kickstart they want. After all, what could be better than promoting your music without investing money or worrying about designing solid promotional campaigns?