EJ Dalius Encourages You to Learn Some Smart Marketing Hacks For Small Business

Marketing is regarded as a risky affair. However, if you have effective marketing strategies in place, you can combat all risks and attain success. Corporate giants are able to implement seamlessly all marketing strategies simply because they have adequate funds to execute all plans. However, for small businesses, we understand that resources could be quite limited. Tight budgets could present a few grim challenges such as how to boost brand awareness, generate revenues, and acquire customers. EJ Dalius points out that around 39 percent of all small businesses in the United States admit that a tight or limited budget could prove to be a major hurdle in achieving business growth.

Marketing Hacks Endorsed by Eric J Dalius for Small Businesses

There are a plethora of cost-effective and high-yielding marketing hacks. Even though these marketing hacks cannot leverage conventional platforms, they could be affecting positively your bottom-line.

Leverage the Power of Social Media Platforms

Marketing experts recommend building a robust social media presence. As per https://www.thepinnaclelist.com, the most striking feature of social media is that it facilitates extensive networking that comes completely free and must be put to fullest use by small businesses. Social media is generally free unless you are opting for sponsored advertisements. Startups are regarded as the best examples of businesses that are growing and sustaining thanks to effective social media marketing alone.

Consider Publishing Great Content

One of the most effective ways of driving more traffic to your site is simply focusing your attention on publishing good content. Great content must be packed with valuable information and rich media including relevant enticing videos, infographics, etc.

Getting Ready with Infographics

You must devote your attention to preparing infographics to the extent possible. Infographics could be easily understood and are quite convenient to use. If statistics were to be believed if you allot more space for accommodating infographics, it would ultimately culminate in higher engagement levels.

Focus on Generating Positive Word-of-Mouth

It is true that on most occasions, it is quite a challenging affair to control what people have to say about you. You simply cannot stop people from saying what they feel. However, you can analyze why people are saying certain things about your brand or business. You simply cannot risk getting a bad reputation even if you are just a small business. Focus on generating top quality products and stellar services to make your customers happy. Keep in mind that one happy and a fully satisfied customer would be bringing in five more customers. Marketing expert, Eric Dalius wants you to focus your attention on boosting the quality of your services and products. Only then more and more positive word-of-mouth would be generated.

Organize Events

Organizing various events and joining multiple clubs could build an enormous ‘cobweb of networking’. Holding seminars and events could necessitate substantial investment but it can always be done on a very small scale. When you organize successful events, you would gain the trust and confidence of your customers for your specific brand.


If you are willing to burn a huge hole in your pocket then you could implement many effective marketing hacks. However, small businesses with budgetary constraints must consider executing one or more of the simple hacks discussed above. Rest assured your business would grow and thrive thanks to these effective marketing hacks.


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