Duplicate Content Checker – Online Plagiarism Checker

If you are worried about the authenticity of the content, then you are in the right place! Don’t worry, and we are going to help you out today in this matter once and for all! Today we are going to present you with the best solution that will help you check plagiarism in our articles! We want you guys to know that there are many plagiarism checker tools on the web, but we would like to inform you that not all of them are reliable and accurate! There are many misconceptions about plagiarism tools, but the biggest rumor about them is that paid tools are more accurate than free ones! We want you guys to know that accuracy of a tool has nothing to do with it being free or paid; rather, it only depends on the algos that it uses!

The tool that we are going to talk about today is the product of the famous website which is better known by its name Small SEO Tools! This plagiarism checker tool that we are going to talk about today is the most advanced tool on the web, and this is just because of the intelligent algorithms that it uses to check/detect plagiarism in your content! Below we have given the complete details of the tool for you guys!

Best plagiarism checker online

PlagiarismSoftware.net is the product of the famous website SST and is known to be the best plagiarism checker online tool! We want you guys to know that this tool is one of the easiest to use tools that you will find on the internet plus it has both free and paid versions which are extremely affordable for even a junior writer! First of all, we want you to read the steps that we have stated below, and these will teach you about the use of the tools in a jiffy!

  1. First of all, open this link https://www.plagiarismchecker.co/ and direct yourself to the tool for free use!
  2. When you open up the tool, we will recommend you register your account so that you can get secure services! You can simply register your account by integrating it with your Facebook or Google account details! This will take you less than three minutes, and you don’t have to pay a single penny for registration!
  3. Now when you open the tool, you see a simple text box in which you have to add the text that needs to be compared with the database of the tool! You can either copy the text in your clipboard and paste it in the box, or you can simply type it down! You should know that you can also upload complete docs in the tool! We want you guys to know that you have to make sure that the input text is not more than 500 words per search as the tool cannot cater more than this limit!
  4. After the input, you have to just click on the Check Plagiarism button in blue below the box!

As soon as you press the check button, the tool will start checking your content for duplication by comparing it with its database, which has over thirty billion webpages! You should know that this checking and comparing only takes less than five to seven seconds!

Now there are some features of the plagiarism checker tool that you should know about! We have listed them below for you guys!

Features of PlagiarismSoftware.Net

Here are the key features of this website plagiarism checker tool!

  • First, know that this tool is an online-based software program which can compare your content with the most updated and recently published content on the web! The database of the tool is regularly updated!
  • The tool uses a deep search method as it has high-algos that can detect even the smallest lines for plagiarism! Actually, when you enter the text in the tool, it splits it into small parts which are then compared individually with the database of the tool! In this way, mosaic and accidental plagiarism can easily be detected and removed!
  • The tool is capable of catering multiple formats of documents, and you can easily upload text files, PDF files, word files, ODT files and even RTF formats!
  • The tool can check your content with a specific URL, you just have to enter the URL in the URL bar below the text box plus you should know that you can also exclude the URL with which you don’t want your content to be compared with!
  • The tool allows you to upload content from cloud services!
  • This plagiarism checker tool provides 24/7 support for its users!
  • You get two free queries every day!
  • You can check the content for grammar mistakes for free too!
  • The tool has percentage reporting features as well!