Dryer Vent Cleaning in Houston – Why and How Should You Do It?

It is very easy to forget that your dryer needs routine maintenance to keep it shipshape so if you have noticed that it has not been drying as efficiently or quickly as before, it could be time to clean the dryer vent as it tends to become clogged with regular use. Keeping the vent clean also significantly reduces the hazard of fire.

Warning Signs of Dangerous Lint Buildup in Your Dryerย 

There are quite a few signs that lint has built up to a dangerous extent in your dryer. These include clothes taking longer to dry or not drying fully, clothes feeling warmer than usual after the drying cycle, the exterior of the dryer becoming hot, and even a smell of burning. When you notice any or several of these signs, it is time to clean your dryer. Here is how to do it:

Turn Off the Dryer

As in all electrical appliances servicing, you should turn off and unplug the dryer from the wall socket before attempting to perform any maintenance. If your dryer is powered by gas, you need to turn off the gas supply. If you do not know how to do it contact Air Quality Express today or your local gas utility.

Remove the Vent Clamp

Remove the clamp by either using a screwdriver or squeeze it to release it depending on the type of the clamp. This is also a good opportunity to inspect the vent piping and replace it in case it is found to have cracks or other signs of deterioration.

Check for Clogs and Remove Them

Inspect the vent and remove all lint and debris that has accumulated in the vent with your hands. To clean the inside of the vent, you will need powerful vacuum or professional tools for dryer vent cleaning. Use this opportunity to clean all other components disconnected from the wall, including the vent tube. According to https://www.huffpost.com, you should do this exercise once every year.

Unclog the Exterior Vent

From the outside of your home, inspect the vent opening located close to the wall where your dryer sits or on the roof. Remove any flaps or covers and carefully remove all debris clogging the vent with your hands or the same tools that you had used inside. Also, inspect the vent area to see and remove anything that is obstructing the flow of air. If you find rodents entering or birds nesting, you will need a special vent cover designed to take care of these issues.

Reattach Vent to Dryer and Power On

Return inside and reattach the dryer vent using the clamp you had unfastened and clean up the site. Turn the dryer on and let it run for some time to see if it operates normally. Go outside again and check again for new debris that might have been thrown out after the vent has been cleaned.


It is quite easy to clean the dryer vent and since it is enough to do it once in 12 months, it is not too much of a bother. You will not only have an optimally performing appliance but also be able to eliminate a fire hazard.