Common Types of Windows Used by Most Builders

There are various types of windows some of them provide ventilation, some let in light. But these are some common functionalities, windows can be different in many ways. Some types allow you to open them to provide ventilation, while some cannot be opened and ideal for broad views. These windows also differ in architectural design and style. There are many types of home windows but we are sharing some common ones in this article.

Casement Windows

You can open a casement window and can provide ventilation. They usually pivot from the side hinges and have large glass planes to provide light into your home. Moreover, this type provides more ventilation area compared to other windows. It also provides an effective seal when closed to increase energy performance.

Awning Windows

The awning windows pivot from the top of the window sash. Moreover, this type is operated by a crank. Awning windows can be paired with other windows such as the picture window. You can place them along top, sides or bottom of the picture window. The main function of them is to provide ventilation. You can also place them above the door. If you are living near traffic areas then we will not recommend it because they can obstruct the traffic path.

Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows

These are the most common and familiar type of window. The only main difference between these two is that the single-hung has one moveable sash while the double-hung has two moveable sashes. A double-hung can provide better ventilation, as they allow natural air to flow inside the house. Moreover, this type is easy to clean as you do not need a ladder to clean them from outside. These types provide a better decorative look and can be work in any location.

Picture Windows

They are used in places where the ventilation is not required. They usually place between the walls to provide a broad view and allows sunlight inside the house. Moreover, this type is less prone to air leakage and can be used in two-story foyers.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a great architectural design for architects. They allow them to create projections and angles inside the building structure. It allows the light to come inside the house from different angles. It also includes bay windows to provide ventilation.

Jalousie Windows

If you are living in a warm-area and need an inexpensive solution then jalousie windows are the best option. It includes glass slats that are set in metal clips. It allows you to open or close them. They provide better airflow inside but limited view. But this type is less secure than other types of windows.

Slider Windows

This type allows you to open it sideways just like the casements. They provide a better view and better ventilation. However, this type cannot seal tightly. These windows are usually used in below-grade bedrooms or basement due to easy operation. However, the provide a better view outside and better airflow.